Crazy About Poinsettia

There are many reasons, but the main ones revolve around its symbolism and charming way of adding a paradigmatic Christmas vibe all around.

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The December birth flower is making a strong entrance starting now and people are actually crazy about the poinsettia. There are many reasons, but the main ones revolve around its symbolism and charming way of adding a paradigmatic Christmas vibe all around.

Poinsettia Is the Star Plant for the Merriest Season

Is Christmas decorating even possible without poinsettias? It's safe to say no. For more than a century, people have come to associate the holiday season with these vibrant plants in their homes, places of business, and public places all around the globe. Additionally, these lovely, colorful plants now come in more hues and forms than ever before. Always remember, the more the merrier, and poinsettia know just the way into your Christmas soul.


Crazy about Poinsettia on Thursd
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Five Reasons to Love Poinsettia for Christmas

Poinsettias are not difficult to love given their unique star shape and characteristic colors. Listed are the most common reasons why people love poinsettia so much, especially to uplift Christmas decor during the winter season.

1. Tradition

Without plenty of poinsettias strewn throughout your house, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas. The newer cultivars will look fantastic throughout the holiday season and well into the new year because they last a lot longer than the older variety.


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2. Striking Colors

Poinsettias were only available in pink, red, and white a few years ago. But everything has changed nowadays. A wide variety of colors and bi-colors are now readily accessible and go well with any color scheme in any house. But when talking about Christmas specifically, these are indeed the colors that match the holiday aesthetics and the ones that'll bring out all the Christmas magic in any spot.


Different poinsettia colors on Thursd
Photo: Jeffrey Hamilton


3. Attractive Plant

Poinsettia plants actually have colorful bracts or modified leaves that surround the plant’s true flowers (the tiny yellow button-like structures in the center). These bracts can hold their color for months. Poinsettias are not poisonous despite a long-held myth. Of course, eating a poinsettia might give you a bad stomach ache, so it’s still smart to keep the plants out of the reach of inquisitive toddlers or animals.


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4. Very Interesting History

There is a fascinating history to poinsettias. They originated in Mexico, and Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first American ambassador to Mexico, is credited with making the discovery in 1825. He finally sent some plants back to Philadelphia's renowned plant explorer John Bartram, who in turn gave some plants to Robert Buist, a nurseryman in Pennsylvania and the country's first person to sell poinsettias to the general public.

5. Easy-To-Care-For Plants

Although they are tropical in nature, poinsettias are a pretty tough plant that thrives on little care. As long as you water them whenever the soil feels dry to the touch, they’ll be just fine. Although they prefer bright light for long-term care, they’ll survive in darker rooms during the holidays.


Poinsettia easy to care for plant on Thursd
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After the new year, you can keep them going as a houseplant or toss them on the compost pile if they’ve overstayed their welcome. In frost-free regions, poinsettias can be grown outdoors in the landscape where they can grow 6 to 8 feet tall. But here is where the poinsettia fun extends with these incredible crazy about poinsettia Instagram designs created by poinsettia lovers at a maximum level.

Designs Using Poinsettias

The versatility found in poinsettias is what makes them one of the best Christmas plants to have. Not only can they be used as center table decorations, but you can also place them around wreaths, as well as use them in arrangements or adapt them as pot plants in any indoor space. Here are some of the most instagrammable pictures and design ideas using poinsettias.

1. Poinsettia Wreath


Christmas poinsettia wreath on Thursd
Photo @wreathmaiden


2. Poinsettia Pot Plant Indoor Decoration


Poinsettia pot plant design ideas on Thursd
Photo @cactuscornejo


3. Poinsettia Center Table Arrangement


Poinsettia center table design on Thursd
Photo @peonyandchampagne


4. Poinsettia Living Room Decoration


Poinsettia living room decoration on Thursd
Photo @larrywalshe


5. Poinsettia Christmas Frame


Poinsettia Christmas frame on Thursd
Photo @thechristmasstar


How are you using poinsettia to salute the start of the best season of the year?


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