The Uniqueness of Amaryllis for the Christmas Season Amaryllis are ringing the Christmas bells and has been revealed as one of the favorite flowering plants to have around! Here's everything to know about it.
Dec 14 | 5 min read
Pot Chrysanthemums Are the Real Deal for X-Mas Pot mums make everything better, and are true specialists at the moment of enhancing every Christmas corner.
Dec 07 | 5 min read
11 Popular Christmas Flowers and Plants for the Holidays Christmas lights, traditional smells, and plants and flowers are all showing up in the best season of the year. These are some you'll want to have at home!
Crazy About Poinsettia There are many reasons, but the main ones revolve around its symbolism and charming way of adding a paradigmatic Christmas vibe all around.
Dec 07 | 3 min read
Princettia or Poinsettia - What Makes Them Different? It's only a slight difference between these two varieties of Euphorbia pulcherrima, and you're about to find out. Learn more about these beauties and why they are calling your X-Mas door!
Nov 30 | 5 min read
Poinsettia Superstars Are Ready to Make the Most Out of Your X-Mas Holidays These striking houseplants will get you started just the right way and a head start on the best Christmas decoration as well because there's no X-Mas without poinsettia!
Nov 27 | 5 min read
Red Begonias Are About to Be the New Christmas Plant Poinsettia, watch out! One of our favorite days of the year is about to be adorned in beautiful red begonias.
Dec 14 | 3 min read

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