Daisy Delight: A Floral Farewell to Denmark's Queen Margrethe II

Danish artist and royalty fan Johanne Lykke took the opportunity to honor her beloved 'Queen Daisy'.

By: THURSD. | 17-01-2024 | 2 min read
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Johanne Lykke Danish Queen header on Thursd

On Sunday the 14th of January Danish Queen Margrethe II handed the scepter of the realm to her son Frederik, now to be named King Frederik X. Queen Margrethe was Europe's longest-reigning monarch, and the only queen pregnant. Danish artist and royalty fan Johanne Lykke took the opportunity to honor her beloved 'Queen Daisy' with a galore of daisies painted on windows along the route of the royal procession.

Danish Daisies

Daisies grow (almost) everywhere and they are some of the most known flowers in the world. But now they are also to be found blooming in downtown Copenhagen.

At the central square in Copenhagen called Kongens Nytorv (The King's New Square), a vibrant display of large-scale hand-painted daisies graces the window facade of the European Environment Agency.


Daisies on window in Copenhagen



Johanne Lykke's Window

Painted by the Danish artist, Johanne Lykke, the windows adorned with white, cheerful daisies stand as a visual ode to the beloved Danish Queen. The artwork, 'Daisies for Daisy' serves as a celebration of Margrethe II, also known as ‘Daisy,’ in relation to her decision to abdicate after 52 years on the throne.

During her abdication this past Sunday, January 14th, the city of Copenhagen witnessed a blooming tribute unlike any other. The floral creations on the windows at The King's New Square, placed along the route from the Queen’s palace to the Danish Parliament, turned the journey into a delightful farewell, as thousands of citizens and visitors gathered in the streets to celebrate her journey on passing the job on to her son, now King Frederik X.

The artist, Johanne Lykke, says:

"When people notice the daisies on the windows, they stop and smile. Flowers really speak the language of joy. That is why they are so powerful to paint."



Photos by Amanda Hjernø, courtesy of @jolykke.



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