Fresh From Denmark - It's Time for Nobilis

Most people recognize this green, but where does this fir actually come from?

By: THURSD. | 06-12-2023 | 2 min read
Christmas Designs

A well-known Christmas product is Nobilis. A beautiful green variety is available as trees, wreaths, and branches. Most people recognize this green, but where does the green actually come from, and more importantly how does it end up with us? Read on to learn more about this in this short post.

How Does the Nobilis Grow?

To begin with, it is useful to know that the beautiful noble fir that we receive once started on a tree. These are trees from the pine family. The Nobilis tree is a large, tall tree. It can reach a height of 70 m and has a trunk circumference of approximately 2 meters. The foliage grows high on the trees. As a result, the branches are damaged less quickly, and the height also ensures that the Nobilis turn beautifully blue/gray. This is due to the light that the high branches get. The bark of the tree can be recognized by its red-brown color. The bark is rough and grooved.

The leaves of the Nobilis are needle-shaped. The needles are between 1 and 3.5 cm long and are shiny blue-green at the top. The needles of the Nobilis are curved upwards. Nobilis does not drop needles. The needles of the Nobilis come in different colors. The blue needle is often used for decoration on walls. The green Nobilis is often used for wreaths and pieces, this needle is just a bit finer and is therefore easier to insert.


Nobilis noble fir picking on Thursd
Nobilis picking. Photo by Eurose & Greens

The Journey of the Nobilis

Nobilis grows high on the trees in Denmark. The trees stand side by side in long rows. They are planted per group. Then you have to wait until the tree is at the right age. Therefore, different heights of trees can be found at the growers.


Nobilis Denmark picking on Thursd
Nobilis picking. Photo by Eurose & Greens


The Nobilis branches are cut by the workers. To reach the high altitude, aerial platforms are used for this. The highest branches of the trees are cut off with electric scissors. The branches are bundled together on the ground. About fifty bundles are pressed on a pallet. A second 50-piece pallet is pressed on top of this pallet. This is done to get the correct height for the truck. These are the branches that eventually end up with us after a long journey.

Nobilis for a Perfect Christmas Decoration

Nobilis is used a lot for all kinds of different Christmas decorations, like wreaths, floral arrangements, and even small Christmas Trees. It stays strong for many weeks, even without water. No wonder, it is one of the 11 most popular flowers and plants used for Christmas. And now you're in the Christmas mood, also check these other greens that are available for the holidays.




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