Florist Special With Bo Büll

"I find my inspiration everywhere – in Copenhagen’s changing quarters and moods as well as in nature’s always surprising shapes and colors."

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Bo Bull floral designer from Denmark

Bo Büll is one of Denmark's best-known and recognized florists, featuring outstanding floral works not only for the city of Copenhagen but for the rest of the world as well. Since establishing Bo Büll Flower Design in 2000, he has created floral designs, bouquets, spectacular event solutions, interior designs, and even floral fascinators with much inspiration behind them. This week, he takes over the florist special.

Bo Büll's Goal - Beautifying Denmark and the World With Exceptional Floral Design

It's no wonder Bo Büll is one of Denmark’s most recognized florists... have you seen what his hands can do? Basically, he creates flower enchantment and incantations for floral lovers especially in his hometown, Copenhaguen to enjoy. Bo Büll's path into the world of floristry commenced with a deep-seated fascination for the natural world. Growing up surrounded by Denmark's picturesque landscapes, he developed a profound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of flora. This early connection laid the foundation for his future endeavors in floral design.


Profile picture of Bo Bull


After he began his business back in 2000, he only saw one way to work with flowers: passionately, creatively, and innovatively. The floral creations he masters and shows the world are always inspiring and unforgettable for the human eye. This applies to everything from the romantic bridal bouquets he creates to the complete staging of an entire wedding party or even a perfectly staged corporate conference. All of course showcasing his skills as a floral designer.


Bo Bull florist from Denmark
Bo Büll, a floral designer from Denmark


Bo Büll Flower Design in All Its Splendor

Bo Büll is a true artist in his field. Since founding Bo Büll Flower Design, he has created floral designs, bouquets, overwhelming event solutions, and interior designs, and has gained floral fascinators and followers from around the world, making him a prestigious floral designer in the industry. Denmark is lucky to have such talented hands fused with the art of floristry.



He shares with the world:

"I find my inspiration everywhere – in Copenhagen’s changing quarters and moods as well as in nature’s always surprising shapes and colors. Inexhaustible sources of inspiration that nurture both the elegant light – and the fascinating darkness."


Floral arrangement in garden by Bo Bull
Garden photo in an exhibition at Haveselskabets Have in Copenhagen


About Floral Art and Sustainability as a Floral Designer

Creating beautiful bouquets and floral art is in itself an appreciation of how wonderful nature is. This inexhaustible wealth of shapes and colors is what Bo brings into the living room, office, conference spaces, events, or any type of space so that everyone can enjoy his floral creations and experience them up close.


That is why Bo and his team also strive to protect nature as much as possible when choosing suppliers and of course, the flowers and plants he works with. For him, it requires a great deal of insight to assess what is most important: the right climate for the plants, where, for example, the roses do not need artificial heat, watering, and pesticides; or a shorter transportation route from more nearby fields. But he strives to do his utmost best when working and designing with flowers every day because, at the end of the day, it's what brings him the most happiness and endless passion.


Bright floral design by Bo Bull
Floral design at Bo's exhibition in Haveselskabets Have in Copenhagen



KulturNat exhibition at hotel The Square
Colorful floral design by Bo, 'Kulturnat' exhibition at Hotel the Square in Copenhagen


After all, floral art is cut flowers with a very limited life span – a luxury that is beautiful, but perhaps also superfluous. Therefore, make sure the flowers you choose are fresh, healthy, and professionally treated to provide the greatest experience and last as long as possible.


Garden photo from exhibition in Haveselskabets Have
Garden photo from an exhibition in Haveselskabets Have


Besides being a stupendous floral artist, Bo also makes a supreme effort to take care of their surroundings, environment, and flowers as much as he can. To know more about his work, displays, and further floral inspiration, visit Bo Büll's website.


Photos by bobullflowerdesign.


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