iGreen Cover - The World's Only Plantable Phone Case

Plant it, water it, make sure it received sun and voila! You'll have your own patch of plants and flowers.

By: THURSD. | 27-12-2023 | 4 min read
Remarkable Sustainability
Innovation in iPhone cases

Did you know there's a compostable iPhone case that blooms with basil and flowers when planted after use? That's right! A new and innovative concept by iGreen Gadgets has recently been announced, they have created a compostable iPhone 13, 14, and 15 Pro cases that'll grow three types of plants and flowers where in the end, the user can plant and recycle them instead of throwing them in the garbage after they decide they don't want the case anymore.

iGreen Gadgets - The Creators Behind the Plantable Phone Case

Fully compostable, certified, patented, and 100% Made in Italy, the material used to make the iGreen cases contains seeds. When placed in soil, they decompose, releasing the seeds they have inside. The 'Plantable Cover' comes in three colors: green, light blue, and yellow. Each color represents a different seed, of course!


Presentation of compostable iPhone case


The green case represents 'basil', the light blue represents forget-me-not flowers, and the yellow represents daisies. The ability to bring the cover to life after it has been used makes iGreen Cover a one-of-a-kind post-consumer experience. Their motto is 'Less plastic means more life'. So what does the user have to do to make their seeds grow and have a little plant and flower patch of their own?


iGreen compostable case in green that sprouts basil
This iGreen compostable cover in green was designed to sprout basil plants. The green color, of course, represents these plants


First things first, once the life of the cover protecting your iPhone is over, remove it and get a vase. Secondly, you'll want to plant the iGreen Cover at a 30-degree angle making sure that the inside of the cover is exposed to the top. After this step, the user only needs to water the compostable iPhone cover while it is planted in the soil so that it slowly melts and disperses the seeds beneath the earth and additionally, expose it to sunlight. The backside of the iGreen Cover also contains multiple active seeds from the selected herb or flowers, tripling the number of seeds and growth that the user can cultivate as soon as the cover is planted.


Light blue iphone case sprouting forget me not flowers
The light blue iPhone case sprouts forget-me-not flowers once you follow all the steps for a successful planting and happy sprouting of the seeds!


How Long Do the Seeds Inside the Cover Take to Sprout?

In only a few days, the seeds will be released immediately after being planted at a 30° angle in the ground. On the inside of the cover, there is a drawer containing seeds that are protected by a special film that, in addition to protecting the surface of your iPhone, dissolves when placed on wet ground, allowing the seeds to be released immediately.


You will have a one-of-a-kind experience by carrying the seeds with you for the duration of the cover's life, seeds that will be protected by the cover, and your iPhone before sprouting into flowers and plants.


The sprouting of basil after a few days of planting the case
The sprouting of basil after a few days of planting the case in soil and watering it


The iGreen Covers Are Made Out of Cornstarch

The iGreen Cover material is made of corn starch, an organic compound that nourishes the seeds in the cover as they are absorbed into the soil once planted. According to iGreen Gadgets, the material can be absorbed quickly because small roots of basil and flowers can grow directly from the iPhone case with cornstarch, which also aids in the cover's dissolution.


iGreen case in yellow sprouts daisies
Details of the outside of the cases


On the inside of the cover, there is a drawer containing seeds, which is protected by a special film that, in addition to protecting the surface of your iPhone, will dissolve once placed on the ground and wet, allowing the seeds to be released immediately says the team behind the gadgets. As the world is changing, more and more innovative projects are coming to life. Have you already read about the shoes that look forward to dispersing plants? Don't miss out!


Inside of the iGreen phone covers
Details of the inside of the covers


PS: The material of the iGreen Cover is 100% natural and the same powders that are used for the colors, which account for only 0.2% of the material, are naturally based. If you're interested in buying this very innovative and flourishing concept, these covers are available for purchase on the iGreen website.


Photos by iGreen Gadgets.



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