Decofresh Presents the World Premiere of Rose Malaga

World-class designer Nicu Bocancea and his team of Floraria Iris were among the first to get an exclusive first look and first touch of this novelty.

By: THURSD. | 21-04-2022 | 2 min read
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Think of an orange rose, the brightest orange rose you may have ever seen. Think big and beautiful. There you have it: Rose Malaga. An absolutely stunning summer color beyond every expectation. Now connect this to Kenyan top grower Akina and rose specialist Decofresh, and you can be sure this new rose is a winner.

Rose Malaga

The name says it all. Malaga probably makes you think of the subtropical Mediterranean city on the Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) in the south of Spain. That sun is reflected in the bright real orange color of the rose that now carries its name.


Rose Malaga World Premiere - quote on Thursd



Rose Malaga is in a league of its own in the orange color range. The flower's large size makes it a perfect fit for large bouquets and summery floral arrangements. The light orange color that has hints of salmon lends itself perfectly to nice color combinations.

Keep looking at this rose when it starts blooming, because the curly way of the opening petals is so elegant and smooth it will take your breath away for a moment. Try not to say "Wow" here... Impossible.

Nicu Bocancea and Floraria Iris

World-class designer Nicu Bocancea and his team of Floraria Iris were among the first to get an exclusive first look and first touch of this novelty. The design made by Nicu & Co. shows the happiness that these flowers bring, almost jumping from the vase in sheer joy. There is no doubt when looking at this lush design: Summer is here!

The rusty background and ancient vase are a hint to the name Malaga, and the name-giving city as one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities with a history that spans over 2,800 years. Old and new come together in a brilliant way.



Get These Roses!

Like to get your hands on these roses too? The first batch of Malaga roses from grower Akina has become available at the Decofresh webshop. So, are you that lucky buyer with a nose for great novelties? Get on over to Decofresh, the florist rose paradise.


Design Rose Malaga by Floraria Iris - on Thursd


DecoFresh Banner on Thursd - Rose Malaga


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