Take a Look at These Valentine's Essentials for Florists

From romantic packaging to those cute picks that add an extra touch of love to bouquets and floral arrangements, these are the places to shop at. 

By: THURSD. | 31-01-2024 | 3 min read
Valentines day essentials for florists

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, which means that most florists and floral designers are in the midst of preparing for the most romantic and busiest day of the year. While we're all focused on stocking up on the right flowers, foliage, and plants, it's easy to overlook the other Valentine's Day essentials for florists that help take floral designs to the next level. Keep reading to find out about three places to shop for romantic packaging and adorable picks that add a special touch of love to bouquets and floral arrangements.

Places for Florists to Shop Valentine's Essentials

On Valentine's Day, we surprise our loved ones with a beautiful Valentine's bouquet or with a nice plant. But it's up to the florist to create the most beautiful compositions for this, using the most romantic picks, decorations, pot covers, hardware, and gift packaging. Everyone knows that when January arrives, it's time to think about what Valentine's essentials you want for the holidays and start planning on stocking up on your favorites at these three places: Accent Decor, Koen Pack, and Clayrton's.

Accent Decor

More than just a holiday on the calendar, Valentine’s Day offers a chance to share your heartfelt sentiments with sweet pieces, pretty flowers, and over-the-top, romantic details. Whoever you love, wherever you are, it's the exact moment to elevate every arrangement this Valentine's Day. Accent Decor's carefully curated collection is designed to make every moment unforgettable, making their selection go beyond flowers, offering an array of stunning vases, vessels, and thoughtful gifts that will add an extra layer of love to your celebrations.


This Valentine's Day, go beyond the ordinary and create a celebration that encapsulates the beauty of every relationship. Explore their 2024 collection, where love meets craftsmanship, and every detail is designed to enhance the magic of the moment.


Koen Pack 

With Valentine's Day coming, Koen Pack surprises all their loved ones with incredible options for florists to pack their bouquets most romantically through heart-shaped boxes to ensure the perfect gift inside, along with heart ceramic vases and heart slides to place your desired flowers. The challenge for you as a florist is to put together the most beautiful bouquets using the most romantic picks, accessories, pot covers, hardware, and gift packaging, and luckily, Koen Pack has got your back.


Flower pots and slides to place flowers in by Koen Pack
Flower pots and slides to place flowers in for Valentine's Day by Koen Pack
Photo: Koen Pack


But hold on! Not only do they have romantic packaging ideas but they also have the perfect Valentine's Day balloons. With these balloons, your secret love can't escape anymore. Overwhelm your beloved with these enormous, loving balloons nestled among beautiful flowers. They are a whopping 12cm and come on a 50cm stick. If you want to know more, you can find the extensive Valentine's assortment for 2024 on Koen Pack's website.



Clayrton’s invites you to discover its range of bouquet wrapping, accessories, and decorative items. More than simply a manufacturer, the brand brings you original ideas to help with the use of its products, as well as keeping you informed about the latest trends. Its teams work hard to offer you diversity, quality, and innovation.


Clayrton Valentines Day collection
Part of what Clayrton's has prepared for floral designers for Valentine's Day
Photo: Clayrton's


The products can be ordered directly and are often available from stock. On request, they also develop tailor-made products specifically based on your wishes.


Valentines Day bag to gift plants by Clayrton's
Cute Valentine's Day bags to gift plants in by Clayrton's
Photo: Clayrton's


Make the most out of the most romantic holiday of the year with these three amazing brands!


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