Education Wrapped in Floral Fun

A unique approach in the world of floral education

By: THURSD. | 02-09-2020 | 2 min read

A Unique Approach

During the shows of Flower Circus, it is not only about fun and inspiration. It is also about teaching florists. The fun part is wrapped in the learning part, a unique approach in the world of floral education. Education Wrapped in Floral Fun

Flower Magicians

That education can be fun is proven by Flower Circus, a smile or a laugh is never far away during their shows. At their shows, the designer, or - as Flower Circus calls them: Flower Magicians - shows and explains the (new) techniques that he or she is using. In the meantime, the ringmaster tells about all other aspects of the floral business. Education Wrapped in Floral Fun

Understand the Flower

Flower Circus tells about the flowers that they are using. Where are they from? How to take care of the flowers? And more about the process of growing. The more you know and understand about the flower, the better you can take care of it, and use it for your benefit: to let the flowers live longer and to use it in the right way in a composition or bouquet. Education Wrapped in Floral Fun

Sales and Marketing

Running a flower business doesn’t stop with only knowing about flowers, and how to make a beautiful arrangement. That’s just one of the aspects to run a successful business. It is also about sales and marketing. That is why Flower Circus spends a good part of the time as well to tell about the sales and marketing. By their own experience within the Flower Circus team, and by traveling they hear a lot of good ideas and tips from other florists. By sharing these with their audience, Flower Circus wants to help boost sales. Education Wrapped in Floral Fun

Learning Both Ways

Learning goes both ways: Flower Circus shares its knowledge during the shows, while they learn every show as well from the people present, from creativity to sales. In this way they keep on evolving, see trends come up, markets change, and they can adapt the way they teach and inspire florists all over the world. John Elstgeest, the owner of Flower Circus comments: "We as Flower Circus are convinced that within the flower sector there is a lot of knowledge. Only by sharing we can bring this sector forward, and make it a profitable business for every part of the chain." Education Wrapped in Floral Fun



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