Ever Red Rose - The Best Globally Available Red Rose

Pure beauty in a truly deep red shade that lives up to all expectations.

By: THURSD. | 07-04-2024 | 4 min read

Red roses are probably the most popular flowers ever. The reason why they have garnered this much love all over the world is that their magnificence has stood the test of time. No other flower can express love and affinity in such a luxurious way as the red rose can but with an abundance of cultivars to choose from, it's hard to find that perfect variety that lives up to all of your wishes. Enter the Ever Red rose.

Ever Red Rose Lives Up to All of Your Expectations

There are many qualities you look for when selecting the rose most suitable for you or your customers. Things you can see with the eye - the shape of the rose, the intensity of the color, the vase life - but also important qualities you might not think of right away, such as the availability of the flower. Very few red roses live up to these expectations; they are either gorgeous but not widely available in your area or are right around the corner but just don't have those characteristics you are looking for. Quote Ever Red Rose De Ruiter

Ever red rose Celebrating Ever Red roses with @deseo_kwiaty

Everything You Could Possibly Look For in a Red Rose

Ever Red roses are the epitome of what a true red rose should look like. Pure beauty in a truly deep red shade. But besides those eye-pleasing characteristics, they have the added benefit of being globally available, come in lengths between 60cm and 90cm, and have a very good vase life of 10 to 14 days.



This red rose variety was originally created by breeder De Ruiter and these days Ever Red roses are grown at many different farms in Kenya, Ethiopia, and even Russia. The beautiful blossoms of the Ever Red rose are largely available for floral designers at local wholesalers and for the general public at almost all flower shops in the world, making it one of those staple roses that everyone should have had in their hands at least once.

Rose Ever Red: Not Your Everyday Flower

The length of the Ever Red rose, the size of the bud, the color, and the shape; are all things that make this cultivar so distinctive. With its deep red velvet interior, it opens up gracefully as a red rose should. And as mentioned above, with a long and strong vase life of up to two weeks, Ever Red is a rose that definitely gives you bang for your buck.


Ever Red Rose
Mono Red Ever roses via @eukaflor


Gordon Millar, grower of the Ever Red rose at Rift Valley Roses in Kenya says:

"At our farm, we were looking for a suitable red rose with a big head size and long vase life. Important as a grower is that you do not just look what you like, but you look for flowers with genetics that are suitable to grow at your farm. We are lucky that this flower excels under our specific growing conditions. From this, we ascertained that we can get the ideal head size coupled with good length."


Ever Red Rose – The Best Globally Available Red Rose De Ruiter Image via Bloomingdale Roses

Capturing the Minds and Hearts of Lovers Across the Globe

Red roses have become a classic symbol in society. Even as far back as the ancient Romans and Greeks, these flowers have been the worldwide messengers of affection. So much so, that even movies, songs, and books speak about red roses as if they were a character on their own. They have made their contributions throughout history, including in medicine, but are not surprisingly also on the list of popular baby names. Quote Because it's the perfect way to say 'I love you' when words are not enough Ever Red Rose


Red roses have captured the minds and hearts of lovers across the globe for generations. Giving a single stem or bunch of red roses on your anniversary, first date, Valentine’s Day, or just because is the perfect way to say, “I love you” when words are not enough. They carry the meaning of passion, true love, romance, and desire.


Ever Red Rose – The Best Globally Available Red Rose Heart
Heart of Ever Red roses via @deseo_kwiaty


Ever Red rose Aims to Please

The Ever Red rose is a variety that always aims to please. Not just in looks and availability, but also in versatility. It is an ideal rose for events, romantic weddings, and special arrangements, but looks just as great as a mono-bouquet. With this rose, you just know you can count on its performance.





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