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From Scotland to Kenya

Rift Valley Roses is a family business that was established in 2011 by two brothers Gordon and Stuart Millar, who are from a third-generation Kenyan farming family originating from Scotland, with a wide experience of crop farming in East Africa. Rift Valley Roses prides itself on constantly evolving and proactively responding to market changes, working with the demands and requests of the rose industry, and moving in line with technology.

Natural Surroundings

The Great Rift Valley provides the spectacular ‘natural surroundings’ for Rift Valley Roses (RVR) farm. From the farm you can view the dramatic ruggedness of both edges of the Great Rift Valley, with its sharp ravines and high ridges to its steep valleys and crevices, sweeping down to the flat valley floor, the shimmering fresh waters of Lake Naivasha, too far-reaching panoramic views, punctuated by the dormant volcano Mount Longonot, with its jagged crater peaks. But this is not what RVR is well known for – It is easy to understand why Roses thrive here – growing in rich volcanic soils at high altitude, under daily equatorial sunshine, and being fed by pure water filtering down from the high Aberdare mountain range – all giving the rose plants the energy they need to grow, in order to produce strong stems with vibrant colored and long-lasting blooms, for the enjoyment of Rose lovers across the world, for every occasion.  

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Rift Valley Roses Great Rift Valley, Kenia

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