De Ruiter’s Rose Basanti Is Here to Make Your Summer Bloom You don't want to miss out on this summer's hottest and brightest rose, ready to fill your day with sunshine!
Jun 30 | 4 min read | Floral Education
De Ruiter East Africa Introduces Some Exciting Novelties During Its Open Days 2022 From 20 to 25 February next expect to see some bright new varieties in standard and spray roses, that will absolutely create business for growers and rose buyers.
Feb 15 | 3 min read | Events
The Ever Pink Rose Won't Let You Down Big flower heads, strong stems, and a great color. But the Ever Pink rose especially stunned me with its vase life.
Feb 01 | 3 min read | Roses
9 Astonishing Facts to Fall in Love With Roses All Over Again So much to know about roses that it dazzles you - interesting 'did you know that'-items to make you love these beautiful flowers even more.
Jan 18 | 7 min read | Roses
These Are the Perfect Pink Roses From De Ruiter for Your Pretty Valentine You can't go wrong with this selection, since the color of Cloud Nine is PINK!
Jan 17 | 3 min read | Flowers
De Ruiter's Red Roses for Valentine's Day The perfect way to say "I love you" when words are not enough.
Jan 11 | 5 min read | Roses
Go Fashionable and Timeless With the Red Calypso Rose With its vibrant red color and really good vase life, this variety has a lot of commercial value for florists and retailers.
Dec 14 | 3 min read | Roses
Perfect Petals of Ever Red Roses Dressing up this model with the passionate petals of Ever Red roses brought magic into the event.
Nov 25 | 2 min read | Floral Designers
Working With Some of the World’s Most Beautiful Roses Amsterdam based floral designer Katya Hutter and South African designer Shari Tamar Akal visit the De Ruiter breeding facilities.
Nov 10 | 10 min read | News
London Eye Rose and Her Genetic Sisters The beauty can be found in its nuances; soft pink outer petals and a lovely light fragrance that a true garden rose just can't go without.
Nov 08 | 2 min read | Roses
De Ruiter's Online Booth at the TOTF2021 In-house show with spray roses, London eye varieties, new Kenya assortment, retail mix, sea transport proven, and more roses from De Ruiter.
Oct 28 | 11 min read | Events
Still Alive 'n Kicking: Tropical Amazone Roses Roses come and go. But luckily there are plenty of varieties that capture the eye (or heart) and manage to woo us for decades.
Oct 12 | 2 min read | Roses

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