Fashionista Did Not Exist Yet Digitally

Why it is important to have a digital code in the Floricode system.

By: THURSD. | 28-02-2024 | 3 min read
How It Works

When you have a new kind of flower like the Alstroemeria Fashionista Pink, and want to obtain a code for it to make digital transactions within the floriculture system easy, the process involves registering the product in Floricode's system. Floricode is a leading authority globally in the registration of floriculture products and plays a crucial role in the electronic exchange of data between trading partners in the floriculture industry, such as growers, auctions, buyers, and carriers.

Floricode for Digital Transactions

Floricode is responsible for the coding of floriculture products, processes, and supply chains, managing codes necessary for online trade within floriculture.

This includes product codes, regulatory characteristics, company and location codes, and codes for logistical resources and process variables. The most commonly used coding system in commercial floricultural activities is the LINNAEUS code system, which facilitates the digital exchange of information about flower and plant lots. (*1). Floricode enhances efficiency and traceability within the industry. 



This digitization effort also supports sustainability by improving the accuracy and efficiency of information exchange between growers, auctions, buyers, and carriers, which can lead to better resource management and reduced waste.

Each product traded through the floricultural auction is identified by its unique product code, which is crucial for transactions at the auction, and financial, and logistics processing. The product codes are used by growers, purchasing wholesale traders, and the auctions themselves. They are also useful throughout the supply chain, from plant breeders to retailers. Floricode's system includes managing a comprehensive database of codes related to floriculture products, processes, and supply chains, facilitating the digitization and standardization of supply chain processes based on international norms and standards. This is aimed at enhancing profitability and reinforcing the Netherlands' pivotal role in the global flower and plant sector through efficient data exchange among chain parties.

Alstroemeria Fashionista Pink now Is in the Floricode Database

Floricode’s current product code database for cut flowers, houseplants, and garden plants is extensive and continuously updated to include new products entering the market. Such as Alstroemeria Fashionista Pink, which got its unique coding just this week. Fashionista is Brand new on the Markets.

Flowers have to be sent to Floricode, making sure as the breeder or grower the flowers arrive just in the perfect stage for the Photography. A form is filled out, all the specifications, like which color, are determined, and very quickly the code is generated, and available throughout the whole flower industry. Now, when ordering Alstroemeria Fashionista Pink, it is shown in the electronic messages. If you do not have the code, another code must be used, and a general Alstroemeria is shown digitally. For example 'Alstroemeria Other'. This clearly shows it is super important to have a unique code.


Floricode Color determination
Color determination at Floricode


What to Do When You Have a New Product?

If you have a new flower that needs a product code, you should engage with Floricode’s product code search mechanism, which allows for a detailed search of a product with the associated product details and information on the associated codings. This search can help determine if a code already exists for a similar product or if a new code needs to be created. The process may involve specifying the type of product (e.g., cut flowers, indoor plants, outdoor plants). If you cannot find a suitable code, you can contact Floricode directly through their specified email for product coding inquiries.


Ton van der Wurff of Floricode
Ton van der Wurff of Floricode received the first Alstromerias Fashionista Pink

For more detailed guidance on registering a new flower and obtaining a code, you should visit Floricode’s official website or contact them directly. Their system not only helps in standardizing the digitization of the supply chain processes but also ensures that all participants in the floriculture market can efficiently exchange information.


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