Five Reasons Why You Should Join myThursd as an Advertiser

You will not fully comprehend the value, until you can try and experience the platform personally, join myThursd today.

By: MYTHURSD. | 13-03-2024 | 3 min read
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Since the inception of myThursd, we envisage a future floral ecosystem, where the entire industry will have a reliable platform to connect, collaborate, and thrive in their businesses. Breeders, growers, and wholesalers among other traders in the floral chain now have an opportunity to benefit from the vast pool of floral designers currently registered on myThursd.

Still not convinced yet on whether to join myThursd, check how HilverdaFlorist, and Decofresh Roses among other advertisers like Tesselaar Alstroemeria are already doing on this ground-breaking platform. Here are more reasons why you should bring your products and services to myThursd, this is the ultimate floral marketing tool, collaborative content creation, and top-notch awareness.

Collaborate With a Diverse Pool of Floral Creatives

Already more than 125+ floral creatives are members on myThursd and eagerly waiting to pitch on your projects. The level and choices of talent available for you as an advertiser on myThursd are overwhelming and you can take advantage of this.


myThursd photo session at IPM Essen
Regine Motmans (on the right) from Thursd at the 2024 IPM in Essen advocating for myThursd


Kickstart your journey to collaborating with creatives today, join myThursd, create your profile, optimize it, and proceed to create your project, and before you know it, you will have a huge amount of pitches from interested creatives ready to work.

Anything is Possible on myThursd

Whether you need high-resolution pictures or reel videos or just want to collaborate or support floral designers with their events, anything is possible on myThursd.


Regine Motmans (on the right) from Thursd at the 2024 IPM in Essen advocating for myThursd
Floral designers in the 2024 IPM booth of myThursd


This is a people-driven software, looking to address your needs by connecting you to the right creative who can bring your project to the limelight in a desirable way.

Test It First, Pay for Membership Later

For you to experience the platform, you have to use it! For this reason, the platform is available for you as an advertiser to test first and pay for your annual membership upon completion of your first project.


Join myThursd


We are confident you will find myThursd valuable and would like to do more projects, collaborate more, and transform your marketing strategies tremendously. However, this journey is only possible if you try out what the platform can do for you! Join myThursd to kickstart your collaboration journey.

Support or Collaborate With Floral Creatives for Their Events

The platform offers an extra service, floral creatives are allowed to create projects targeting advertisers. For instance, a floral creative like Cindy Gunther has an upcoming event and she would like to partner with different breeders, and growers (advertisers) to enhance the success of the event.


Join myThursd
Arnold Wittkamp, Regine Motmans, and Alina Neacsa posing for a picture at myThursd's booth during the 2024 IPM in Essen, Germany


Advertisers can register their support to the designer by offering to donate flowers, in exchange for content and other marketing efforts agreed upon.

Ideal Go-To-Market Strategy

Essentially, myThursd is the appropriate go-to-market strategy for advertisers introducing a new product. For a breeder, grower, or wholesaler, which varieties are you planning to introduce in the market in the coming weeks or months? Testing such varieties first with florists, floral designers, and floral influencers is the best and most reliable way to get real feedback while creating effective awareness.


join myThursd


If you have been keenly following up on the campaign of Alstroemeria Fashionista, then you will understand myThursd is the right platform to create a targeted buzz around a product, while collaborating with the right people. Building a sustainable demand, product positioning, and awareness is possible when you collaborate with the people who are in direct contact with the consumers, and it's possible through your favorite floral meet-up spot, myThursd.

Bring those projects to the spotlight, connect, collaborate, and thrive with a pool of talented, connected, and influential floral creatives on myThursd. Join myThursd today!


Pictures by @Regine Motmans



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