Mother-Daughter Business Creates Larger Than Life Floral Installations

They create poetic flowers that add the perfect balance of pomp and elegance to spaces and events.

By: THURSD. | 14-02-2024 | 3 min read
Floral Art
Daisy flowers by Floral Lab

Designing and creating larger-than-life flower installations in Los Angeles, this mother-daughter trio is everything that is right. They are the creators of 'the original large florals' and are extremely proud of their achievements. The large floral creations at Floral Lab LA are truly some of the most beautiful works of floral art you'll see. Keep reading to know more!

Floral Lab LA - Beautifying Spaces and Events With Floral Art Installations

Floral Lab LA, a haven of botanical delight and creativity, found its roots in the shared vision of Maria and Sofia and their unstoppable passion for flowers. Maria, a seasoned florist with a background in horticulture, laid the groundwork for the business with her extensive expertise and deep-seated love for floral design. Sofia, inspired by her mother's artistry and armed with a keen eye for design, joined forces with Maria to bring their collective dream to fruition. Together, along with Sofia's next sibling, they decided to hop on an adventure to create a floral sanctuary that would not only showcase their talents but also reflect their shared values and familial bond. They are the ultimate trio!


Mother daughter trio behind Flower Lab
The mother-daughter trio behind Flower Lab LA


Inspired by Europe's grand, timeless gardens, their work captures the essence of nature. Through their work, they hope you will experience the feeling of walking through a dream-like garden, seeing poetry in the movement of trees and leaves, and feeling connected to something beyond our scope of reality, even if only for a brief moment.


Larger than life floral installations by Flower Lab


The Significance of Family for the Business

With their experience and education in art, fashion, design, and psychology, they create larger-than-life flowers that summon a deeply seated human fascination with beauty and a collective psychological desire to be connected to nature. With over 30 years of floral design experience + 15 years of fashion design experience, the team behind Floral Lab is here to create unique and unforgettable art installations that leave you inspired and in awe each time.


White paper and textile daisies by Flower Lab
White paper and textile daisies by Flower Lab


What truly sets Floral Lab LA apart is its status as a family-owned and operated business. The familial connection between Maria and Sofia infuses every aspect of the business with a unique warmth and authenticity. Their shared dedication to their works and creations, coupled with their genuine care for each other and their clients, creates an environment that feels more like a welcoming home than a traditional storefront. This sense of familial warmth not only fosters a deep sense of trust and loyalty among clients but also serves as the foundation upon which the business thrives.


Flower decoration with floral installations by Flower Lab
Floral installations for an event for Sadie Fresh Flowers


This said, at Floral Lab LA, the art of floral design takes center stage, with Maria and Sofia curating an exquisite array of arrangements that cater to a diverse range of tastes and occasions. From spectacular wedding centerpieces to delicate bouquets for special celebrations, each creation is created with the uttermost precision and care. Drawing inspiration from nature's bounty, Maria and Sofia utilize a rich palette of seasonal blooms and foliage to bring their designs to life, infusing each arrangement with a sense of natural beauty and sophistication. In addition to their bespoke floral offerings, Floral Lab LA also provides a range of services, including event styling, floral installations, and personalized consultations, ensuring that every client's vision is brought to life.


Floral Lab La fairy birthday girl


Floral Lab LA in the Heart of Los Angeles

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, Floral Lab occupies a charming storefront that stands out as a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling cityscape. It is finely located within a vibrant community of artisans and creatives, and the studio's location reflects its ethos of celebrating beauty in all its forms and fostering connections with like-minded individuals. Whether clients visit the studio in person or engage with Floral Lab LA's offerings online, they are welcomed into the world of flourishing flowers made out of paper, textile, yarn, metal, and wood.


Flower clusters by Flower Lab
Flower clusters by Flower Lab


To explore more of their creative journey, visit Flower Lab's Instagram account.


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