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Botanical Tales was born out of a desire to find an antidote to the fast-paced corporate world she was once so entrenched in.

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Dried floral arrangements by Bex Partridge

Joining this week's florist special is Bex Partridge, a multi-talented artist who specializes in creating long-lasting designs using dried flowers, following them from seed to stunning displays. In her studio, the transformation takes place, as seeds grow into blooms and, with careful nurturing, into stunning dried floral art pieces. Join her creative and floral adventure as she takes over this special.

Discover More About Floral Artist Bex Partridge of Botanical Tales

Dried flower artist and nature-loving creative, Bex Partridge is a renowned floral artist known for her divine work with dried flowers. With the use of these, she creates heartfelt and very personalized floral experiences for everyone looking to amp up their florals when it comes to a special event or celebration. In her work, Bex of Botanical Tales strives to capture nature's fleeting beauty by growing and preserving flowers, fauna, and foliage to create everlasting displays for you and your most precious spaces.


Bex Partridge floral artist
Meet Bex Partridge, floral artist and creator of Botanical Tales


Her journey to where she is now has been long and winding, and she has learned a lot along the way. This journey has brought the floral artist back to where she belongs, newly settled in the heart of the West Country, caring for a small parcel of Devonshire land from which she draws daily inspiration and discovers new, ever-changing materials to work with.


Dried flower arrangements by Bex Partridge
A beautifully worked dried floral arrangement by Botanical Tales


Her Dreamy Floral Work

Bex's designs have been described as wild, whimsical, and nature-inspired. With a focus on seasonality and no human intervention (no dyeing, bleaching, or sprayed blooms), they reflect the natural world around us and provide an opportunity to bring nature into any space, no matter how large or small. Whether it's an autumn wreath or an everlasting display for a retail space, Bex guarantees to create something beautiful for each and every one of her visitors and clients.


Dried floral magic for a table decor by Bex Partridge
Dried floral magic for a table decor by Bex


She loves the result of a floral creation that will create a visual impact on the mind. Her work and the way she creates is constantly evolving. Bex looks for new ways to preserve the flowers that she grows in her garden. The ebb and flow of my creativity keeps the designer alive. This is what gives her floral creations the final touch! Inspiration, passion, and deep love are what make the perfect formula for the moment of creating with flowers.


Dried flower paradise by Bex Partridge
Dried flowers paradise


The best part is that if you want to learn more about growing, drying, and working with flowers, Partridge teaches in her Devon studio or virtually if you live further away. Here's where you get to know more about what she does and how she beautifully contributes to the floral industry with her knowledge and talent as a floral designer. She runs workshops, sells her creations online, and additionally creates bespoke designs and installations, always with her values at the forefront. For more information about her workshops and classes, visit Botanical Tales.


Bex Partridge's Master Book 'Everlastings'

Bex's book 'Everlastings' celebrates the ethereal beauty of dried flowers and honors their life cycle. The floral designer and author takes you on a journey, beginning with practical advice on how to pick flowers at home and outdoors, followed by in-depth descriptions of the various methods of drying blooms, seed heads, and foliage, before sharing her favorite ways to style with dried flowers in the home, as well as wearable items such as floral crowns and hair clips. The book's main section includes over 20 projects to try at home, each accompanied by stunning photography. The projects cover a wide range of experience levels, making them suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Bex shares ideas on how to capture the memories and moments of special days, through the gathering and preserving of flowers, to be treasured for years to come.


Everlastings book by Bex Partridge


She also shares her knowledge of the ecological benefits of dried flowers, as well as chapters on foraging and thoughts on the meditative benefits of working with dried flowers. Filled with stunning imagery that Bex has become known for online, Everlastings presents a modern take on an age-old craft.


Floating dried flower creation
Floating dried flower creation by Bex


Every piece and lesson is influenced by Bex's philosophy, making each encounter both educational and enjoyable. Bex is a creative thinker, and her practice is constantly evolving. The preservation of her garden's bounty, as well as the innovative ways she keeps her flowers alive in perpetuity, demonstrate her boundless creativity. Bex discovers her essence in the never-ending ebb and flow of inspiration, constantly seeking and blooming.


Bex Partridge with colorful dried flowers


To see more of her astounding work, head to Bex Partridge's Instagram account and the Botanical Tales website.


Photos by @botanical_tales.


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