Florist Special With Glenn Arvor

He has an eye for flowers and design like no other. His creations are really out of this world!

By: THURSD. | 20-03-2024 | 3 min read
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Glenn Arvor Hanoi based florist

The main character in this week's florist special is French floral designer Glenn Arvor, Head Florist of Métaphore Floral Design. Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, Glenn draws inspiration from his French heritage and Vietnamese culture, infusing each of his floral designs with a unique blend of local flair. His designs integrate traditional French floral techniques with vivid colors and textures of Vietnamese blooms. Join the world of Glenn as we tell you more about his personal life as well as how flowers have made him explore his creative and artistic side.

Glenn Arvor of Métaphore Floral Design Takes Over the Florist Special of the Week

As the Head Florist of Métaphore, Glenn shares that this spot is more than just a flower shop on Ba Trieu Street, in Hanoi, Vietnam. The eccentric flower business also adds a poetic and romantic element to the capital's fast-paced daily life. Located exactly at 56A Ba Trieu, one of the capital's busiest streets, for him, the flower shop is a peaceful and poetic oasis where time appears to condense in the scent of flowers. When the perfect location, spectacular flowers, plus a talented floral designer meet, there's always going to be a fantastic result. It's time to get to know Glenn and his role at this thriving business a little better...


Glenn Arvor of Metaphore Floral Design
Glenn Arvor, owner of Métaphore Floral Design


Métaphore Floral Design pursues exquisite flower arrangements in a romantic, liberal, and artistic European style, based on the needs and feelings of buyers.

Glenn Arvor, with 18 years of experience working in France as a floral designer says:

"I always appreciate my clients' wishes and preferences. Sometimes they don't know where to begin or what to choose in this lush flower shop. But as long as they can identify their emotions, I will help them express their joy through the petals."


Glenn Arvor working his magic with flowres


The flower shop is inspired by a small steppe cottage, complete with tables and chairs, rustic wooden flower shelves, warm white and orange walls, and a small peaceful courtyard. On a sunny day, with some close friends, you can sip a cup of tea or coffee in this small corner of the yard, admire the lush green of the trees on the old moss-covered wall, and appreciate how beautiful life is. His work can be described in four words: spectacularly out-of-the-ordinary!


Red arrangement by Glenn Arvor


What Makes Métaphore Floral Design Stand Out

Métaphore is a pioneering flower shop that uses contemporary European floral designs, sourcing flowers from the Netherlands, France, Ecuador, New Zealand, and Vietnam's most renowned regions. Glenn and the team behind every floral creation understand that flowers express themselves in their language, so each buyer wants to convey a unique message. At Métaphore, floral artisans engage with customers, listen to their stories, discover their interests, and then create new floral creations adapted to their tastes, colors, shapes, and textures.


Different types of floral designs by Glenn Arvor
Different types of floral designs by Glenn Arvor using lots of colors, varieties, and styles


Unlike the usual flowers in fancy packaging, Glenn's creations are more naturally elegant because the artisans focus on igniting the flowers' 'soul', allowing them to express themselves freely. Métaphore's creations are therefore unique and private, combining the florists' creativity with the individuality of each customer.  Although floral designs are strongly influenced by European style, somewhere, customers still feel the gentle and graceful adornment of Vietnamese life.


More floral designs by Glenn Arvor


Additionally, Glenn Arvor has worked with top-tier brands such as Piaget, Hermes, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Chopard, among others, providing them with distinctive floral designs and arrangements, crafted specifically to portray their brand's sense of style.


Flower display at Metaphore flower shop
A variety of flowers displayed at Métaphore flower shop


To learn more about the featured florist, visit Glenn Arvor's Instagram and the Métaphore Instagram account to get yourself fully inspired for your next floral designs.


Glenn Arvor floral designer based in Hanoi


Photos by @metaphore_floraldesign.


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