Jai Winnell
Florist Special With Jai Winnell of Hermetica Flowers These are flowers like no other. Oh, and designs you wouldn't believe are real!
Jun 06 | 3 min read
Djordje Varda
Florist Special With Djordje Varda "I am a lover of flowers who channels loads of love through all my creations."
Apr 17 | 6 min read
Floral designer Glenn Arvor
Florist Special With Glenn Arvor He has an eye for flowers and design like no other. His creations are really out of this world!
Mar 20 | 3 min read
Bo Bull Florist
Florist Special With Bo Büll "I find my inspiration everywhere – in Copenhagen’s changing quarters and moods as well as in nature’s always surprising shapes and colors."
Mar 13 | 4 min read
Kai Satchukon Kulkanokpong
Florist Special With Kai-Satchukon Kulkanokpong of IAMFLOWER "We have our own unique style, which is evident from every wedding that we work on."
Mark Colle with flowers
Florist Special With Mark Colle Learn more about this exceptional international florist with vast experience working with luxury brands like Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton among others.
Dec 20 | 4 min read
TJ McGrath with his dog
Florist Special With TJ McGrath Show-stopping sunny palettes of flower arrangements and an exclusive interview with TJ McGrath, a designer with an innate sense of shape and composition.
Dennis Kneepkens and Mick Stubbe
Florist Special With Dennis Kneepkens From DK Dennis Kneepkens and Mick Stubbe have had a life long love affair with nature, which has led them to create immersive floral worlds.
Nov 29 | 6 min read
Julio Freitas
Florist Special With Julio Freitas From The Flower Hat With 12 years of experience as a floral designer and 7 as a farmer, he has put on hat to make sure he shows the world the amusing world of flowers.
Nov 22 | 5 min read
Victor Flores
Florist Special With Victor Flores With Peruvian roots and now living in Chile, this floral designer is making his way to the top!
Nov 15 | 6 min read
Venezuelan floral designer Alejandro Figueira
Meet Venezuela's Interflora World Cup 2023 Representative Alejandro Figueira "The language of every flower allows me to manifest the feelings that come from the soul".
Eddie Zaratsian floral designer
Florist Special With Eddie Zaratsian Bringing the wow effect to his clients is something Eddie lives for, knowing he has done his job.

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