Florist Special With Kai-Satchukon Kulkanokpong of IAMFLOWER

"We have our own unique style, which is evident from every wedding that we work on."

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IAMFLOWERS wedding flower designs

Creating unforgettable weddings and events is possible when you have IAMFLOWER by Kai-Satchukon Kulkanokpong in your life. The flower business has established itself as the most creative in all things floral and specializes in events design and decor company in Thailand, delivering stylish and unique designs for all occasions all across the country and around the world with high expertise in all event destinations. Read all the juicy details about this week's florist special below.

IAMFLOWER - One of the Most Popular and Known Premium Event Decor for Weddings and Events

Flowers are without a doubt one of the most impressive decorative elements at weddings. They serve a purpose more than just as decor at any given event while having a deep and joyful meaning, representing a new beginning, much like a blooming flower. It's as if a couple must care for each other like flowers, which remain beautiful and unharmed when watered and tilled.

However, not every wedding with flowers will be beautiful due to a lack of techniques, skills, and understanding in their arrangement. These are all valid reasons why a wedding or party should have a dedicated creative team and florist, and here's where Kai-Satchukon Kulkanokpong, Founder and Creative Director of IAMFLOWER comes in.


Kai Satchukon Kulkanokpong owner of IAMFLOWER
Kai-Satchukon Kulkanokpong owner of IAMFLOWER


The extremely talented floral designer and event planner has garnered a reputation for creating some of the most spectacular and unforgettable weddings and events in Thailand and beyond. He believes in the power of flowers to make an indelible impression and has perfected this art. How? You're about to find out more.


Wedding floral decor by IAMFLOWER
A tremendously stunning wedding floral decor by IAMFLOWER


A Brand Founded in Phuket Back in 2008

Kai-Satchukon Kulkanokpong is the person behind the beauty of many weddings for couples nationally and globally, a creative who is ready to leave a reputation as far as Vogue US, Bride, Bridal Vogue, and many more as well. As for the brand, it was founded in 2008 in Phuket. It started with organizing events that are mainly destination weddings both domestically and abroad, whether it be popular places like Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai, or even the Maldives.


White wedding aisle decorated with hundreds of white flowers
A charming white wedding aisle decorated with hundreds of white flowers


He shared that the charm that makes the brand well known and that couples trust this brand to take care of them and become more popular is because:

"Our brand uses flowers as the main design. The structure will be used as little as possible so that flowers can be the highlight of each piece. We use only fresh flowers, both domestic and imported flowers directly from growers. We have partners in many countries around the world. Once imported, we store them at the appropriate temperature. Therefore, you can be confident that we will definitely be able to find flowers that meet the needs of our customers.”


Wedding decor with colorful roses


In addition to the fresh flowers used at the event, there are both direct and fresh flowers brought from abroad and domestic ones as well. When combined with the expertise of flower arrangers such as Kai and his team, it becomes even more unique. This brand's owner learned basic flower arrangements in Thailand before flying to study abroad to acquire both experience and new shaping techniques so that his brand can grow continuously.


Wedding aisle with pampas grass and dried flowers by IAMFLOWER
A wedding aisle with pampas grass and dried flowers by IAMFLOWER


IAMFLOWER Is the Wedding Flower Glory

IAMFLOWER is based at an 8,000-square-meter office, showroom, production, and warehouse spaces in Bangkok and Phuket, renowned for offering personalized service, working alongside clients and top wedding planners to create flower decor – from bridal bouquets and table arrangements to complete venue decor and ceremony set-up – that has an unmistakable wow factor.


Wedding with a wow factor by IAMFLOWER Thailand


As such, the company has played a leading role in the success of very high-profile society weddings and other VIP events not only in Bangkok but also at destination events around the world. At the core of the company’s work lies a philosophy to exceed clients’ wildest expectations, by transporting their guests to a mystical and romantic dream world of unique designs that has a distinct international flair, infused with Thai elements.

He thoughtfully shared about flowers and why he adores them so much:

"I love to work with all kinds of flowers, colors, and textures. Flowers are a natural material, and even when you’re working with the same types, you can create something special for every occasion. Using unique shapes and different shades is how you express your creativity."


Floral wedding decor for a tropical vibe
Floral wedding decor that gives a tropical vibe


With over 14 years of working in the wedding industry, he expresses that the experience of IAMFLOWER is a big strength in the industry. Along with that goes teamwork, and the fact that everyone in his team is highly qualified, too. The final and very important ingredient to their recipe for success is their strong conceptual and creative flair. They have a very specific style that is international, yet it is also unmistakably Thai.


Hydrangeas decorating a wedding venue


The Team Creates for You to Celebrate

'We create, You celebrate' is a motto that the brand adheres to as the principle of its work. When customers come to them, the team chooses everything for you and leaves you one responsibility: to be happy. When designing and creating, they take into careful consideration the harmony between the flowers and the work that will come out. From the right bridal bouquet to the dress to the light that will be placed from the front of the venue to the end on the stage. Flowers in the center of the dining table, plates and spoons, glass spoons, tablecloths, candlesticks, or even candles, everything must be related.


IAMFLOWER wedding publication on Vogue
IAMFLOWER wedding design published in Vogue Thailand


The best part is, they let their customers tell them what they want. Once that is done, they'll start designing and selecting equipment and flowers that are appropriate for that event. The important thing is that IAMFLOWER will always add fragrance to every type of event. It can be said that IAMFLOWER is quite experienced in the wedding and flower game.


A wedding reception decoration with flowers


Want to feel inspired and elevate your floral dreams? Take a look at IAMFLOWER's Instagram to check out more of their beyond-impressive work.


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