Florist Special With Tamara Rigney

The studio's name, 'Mei Day', stems from founder Tamara Rigney's childhood obsession with May Day, the local holiday celebrating Hawaiian culture and flowers.

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Tamara Rigney Hawaiian floral designer

Tamara Rigney, a prominent floral designer from Hawaii, has carved a niche in the world of floral design through Mei Day Flora. Based in Honolulu, the business is vastly known for its innovative interpretations of tropical floral design, combining the beauty of Hawaii's flower varieties with sustainable practices (and very colorful designs you'll love!).

Traveling to Hawaii for This Week's Florist Special With Tamara Rigney of Meiday Flora

As part of the florist special of the week, Tamara shares more about her story and Hawaiian heritage and culture. Going back in time, Rigney remembers her passion for flowers began in her childhood with an obsession for 'May Day', a Hawaiian holiday celebrating local culture and flowers.


Tamara Rigney surrounded by tropical flowers
Floral designer Tamara Rigney


This early fascination with florals led her to pursue a career initially in landscape architecture. However, the pleasure and passion of working directly with flowers eventually pulled her away from architecture, urging her and her instinct to start a floral studio in her grandmother’s Paiko Beach garage in 2009. This path evolved into the botanical boutique Paiko, which she later rebranded as Mei Day to focus more intensively on the art of floral design.


Tropical arrangements by Tamara Rigney
Tropical-style arrangements by Tamara


Hawaiian based floral design by Mei Day
Hawaiian floral design by Mei Day


Mei Day - A Honolulu Based Floral Studio

Meeting floral needs in Oahu and beyond, Mei Day's work explores fresh approaches to tropical floral design while honoring Hawaii's astonishing natural beauty. Tamara and her team employ both carefully grown flowers and roadside weeds in floral creations because she believes they are both beautiful, whether in small-scale arrangements or large-scale installations. Best part? Tamara sources her flowers locally whenever possible. Continue reading to further explore her designs and style.


Tamara working on a floral arrangement
Tamara concentrated, working on a colorful and greeny floral arrangement


Mei Day Flora's designs are deeply ingrained in the natural environment of Hawaii, taking into consideration a high level of sustainable practices to achieve every design. This commitment to sustainability extends to the practices of avoiding floral foam, composting green waste, and donating leftover flowers to local hospices.


Floral arrangement for Shop Casa Clara
Arrangement for @shopcasaclara
Photo: @kennareed


Floral styling for a studio jungle look by Mei Day
Studio jungle time with @makeupbymariahmelanie and @aliaangels


Tamara Rigney - Co-Author of Her Own Book

In 2016, Rigney co-authored the book 'OHI: How to Gather and Arrange Hawai'i’s Flora'. For floral designers in Hawaii, this is a must-have guide to gathering and arranging Hawaii’s abundant flora, by Paiko founder Tamara Rigney and photographer Mariko Reed. You'll learn about the essential steps and tips to gather flowers, which is the basic principle of 'OHI', a book that encourages you to explore with clippers in hand. From backyards to farmer's markets, Hawaii's flora provides endless opportunities to make beautiful arrangements

With easy sourcing and arranging tips, illustrated plant biographies, and inspiring photos, the book reveals how easy it is to bring the beauty of Hawaii's outdoors into your home.


OHI book by Tamara Rigney
Photo: Native Books Hawaii


Mei Day Flora is a preferred floral provider for high-end brands such as Tiffany & Co., The Ritz-Carlton, and Louis Vuitton in Hawaii, underscoring the studio's reputation for excellence and artistic talent. Rigney's designs are characterized by their ability to transform spaces and enhance events, with a particular emphasis on weddings and brand styling.


Flowers by Tamara Rigney for brands
Flower design by Tamara Rigney for different brands

To see more of her work and how she uses flowers to convert scenarios and settings, visit Mei Day's Instagram account.


Photos by @meidayhawaii.


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