The Artistic Fuse of Colors and Flowers

Ball SB plays around with colors and flowers to give you inspiring ideas of how to combine different tonalities.

By: THURSD. | 01-05-2024 | 4 min read
Colorful creations with Ball SB varieties

The connection between flowers and colors that reflect a meaning for each flower gives people a unique experience that can help express and explore deep feelings and emotions. Flowers are very important living beings that fill us with well-being and positive benefits. Their colors are a deep reflection of the feelings and emotions they have in our daily lives. The power of flowers and color is like no other and you're about to explore more about the connection of these, shared by Ball SB.

Flowers That Are Blue Like the Ocean by Ball SB

The element of water is connected to feelings and intuition. People can go deeper and further connect meaningfully when blue flowers are used. You will learn how flowers and the element of water collaborate to soothe and nourish spirits, starting with the gentle dewdrops that grace a flower's petals early in the morning, symbolizing purity and tranquility. To represent this beautiful color, Ball presents one of their most recent introductions in the flower world— Trachymene Didiscus Blue Murex.


Trachymene didiscus Blue Murex by Ball SB


It is a popular ornamental plant valued for its delicate, lacy blue flowers and is often used in cut flower arrangements for its aesthetic appeal. The flowers of Didiscus caeruleus are typically small and arranged in clusters, creating a beautiful visual display.

Bringing the Sky to Floral Arrangements With Delphinium Trick

Flowers aid in the transformation of everyone as humans bloom and grow in life, while air represents freedom and transformation. Flowers and the element of air encourage people to stretch out their wings and fly toward their dreams. From dancing in the wind to letting go of the burdens of the past, to airy flowers that inspire us to see the world from a renewed perspective. To delicately represent this concept is the Delphinium Trick variety.


Trick Delphinium by Ball SB
Delphinium Trick in different colors


The Delphinium Trick series is a perfect variety to show you are a leader in flower trends, a highly productive variety since new shoots continuously develop. The size of flower spikes is less robust than other types, making it perfect for mixed bouquets. As part of its standouts, unique colors stand out from the classical blue, such as pink, lavender, and yellow.


Delphinium Trick series


Earthy Colors to Express Beauty

The element 'Earth' stands for stability, rootedness, and a connection to the material world. The natural connection to earthly nature and sense of balance are enhanced by flowers. Many flowers bloom in arid environments, inspiring people with their resilience. Flowers cling to the earth and can really teach us about patience and perseverance. As part of Ball SB's current introductions is the Echinacea Bubble Gum variety to represent an earthy theme.


Echinacea double scoop in Cranberry and Bubble Gum


Echinacea flowers are perennials that are easy to grow and are big, cheery and have the same untamed beauty of the earth. They are ideal for adding color to arrangements.


Echinacea Bubble Gum
Echinacea Bubble Gum


Expression of Bright, Glowing Colors Like Fire

Fire is a symbol of fervor, vigor, and fiery change. Inner passions are kindled by flowers, which inspire people to become more genuine versions of themselves. Warm, brilliantly colored flowers energize and inspire us to face life with a strong sense of purpose, much like the element of fire.

Achillea Sassy in Yellow Sangria and Taffy


Achillea Sassy Summer Yellow, Sangria, and Taffy varieties are perfect to represent the energy of fire. Because of their greater height, Achillea will look stunning in any bouquet or arrangement.  With so many lovely colors to choose from, including orange, pink, red, and yellow, you're sure to find something to suit your mood.


Achillea Sangria variety
Achillea Sassy Summer Sangria variety


Look out for the Most Recent Dark Red Celosia Celway

A plant you can't miss in bouquets and arrangements. The reason? Just look at it: the uniqueness of its inflorescence, which grows straight and resembles colorful bird feathers, striking colors that make you fall in love.


Celosia Celway by Ball SB
Celosia Celway in deep red


Once again, it is deeply explored that flowers are intertwined with colors and meanings to help express and explore people's feelings and emotions. Through colors that reflect the elements of water, air, earth, and fire, flowers teach about the importance of connecting with nature and with yourself. Discover the beauty of innovative products and more inspiration on Ball SB's Instagram account.


Photos courtesy of Ball SB



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