Hitomi Gilliam Showcases the Beauty of the Calla With a Hand-Tied Bouquet

Inspired by the Art Nouveau/Deco Gingko leaves, Hitomi Gilliam features the beautiful calla in all its glory in one of her linear hand-tied bouquets.

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The calla provides a festive touch in every floral arrangement. Since ancient times, the stylish calla has been seen as a flower that represents beauty and happiness. And as you will see and learn from enthusiastic fellow florists, it still does. Callas are available in the most beautiful soft modern tints and the flowers exude simplicity and peace. That is why this elegant flower is suitable to combine with other amazing flowers in bouquets or arrangements in every season. The elegant and exclusive image of the calla is also an enrichment for every floral design. 

Hitomi Gilliam Puts the Calla in the Spotlight

Hitomi Gilliam (AIFD) has her mantra clearly visible on her website: "My purpose is... sharing my knowledge." She is constantly busy offering exciting new features and educational content through her website and socials. And best of all, she likes to share this with the world.

Hitomi Gilliam Showcases the Beauty of the Calla With a Hand-Tied Bouquet Floral Design

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Horizontal Hand-Tied Bouquet with Art Nouveau/Deco Structure

One of the linear hand-tied bouquets that Hitomi created this year features the beautiful calla in all its glory. The initial shape of this horizontal structured bouquet was inspired by the Art Nouveau/Deco Gingko Leaf form (nature’s inspiration). Unlike a fan, the 3 sides of this shape are curved. The structure was built on the strength of 4 pieces of upright marshmallow bamboo skewers and connected to the arching Midollino wire vines. Multiple pieces of these wire vines are free shaped and bindwired until clear silhouettes are created.

On her website, Hitomi Gilliam says: 

"A curvaceous horizontal linear design of this scale is only possible by creating the final desired shape in advance. You must have visualized this in advance and know how best to create the foundational system which will allow you to flow your curvilinear stems beautifully into the finished design."

Hitomi Gilliam Showcases the Beauty of the Calla With a Hand-Tied Bouquet Floral Design

Mini Callas

Depth is built in between the two shape layers to create dimensionality. The structure is capped with arching, double-ended Equisetum threaded through with aluminum wire. Steelgrass accentuates and provides more linear detailing that caps the top curve and radiates like a fan from the base, upwards.

Hitomi Gilliam Showcases the Beauty of the Calla With a Hand-Tied Bouquet Floral Design

Some Mini Callas emerge from the bottom binding point area, while others are water-tubed into Eqisetum segments and designed into the structure using bindwire. Echinops are glued with Oasis floral adhesive into a visual flow following the Gingko venation from top to bottom. They add the rhythmic textural flow in the violet tint, to contrast the deep violet ‘Captain Carrera’ Mini Calla blooms.

Hitomi Gilliam Showcases the Beauty of the Calla With a Hand-Tied Bouquet Simply Calla

Hitomi adds:

"Transparency is an important result by keeping the quantities of flowers minimal with special emphasis on showcasing the beautiful linear quality of the stems. The overlay of the Jasmine Vine helps naturalize the soft romance of the growing vine on the structural surface below."

Hitomi Gilliam Showcases the Beauty of the Calla With a Hand-Tied Bouquet Simply Calla

Botanicals Used in This Floral Design

Mini Callas ‘Captain Carrera’ (Zantedeschia elliottiana), Echinops ritro, Jasmine Vine (Jasminum officinale), Steelgrass (Xanthorrhoea johnsonii), Equisetum hyemale.


Midollino&Wire Vine (Midollino, aluminum wire, UGlu dashes, bullion wire, yarn), Wire Vine (aluminum wire, Yarn), #18 ga. Florist Wire, Floratape (lt. green), Bindwire (green), Oasis Floral Adhesive. Marshmallow bamboo skewers.

Inspiration by Simply Calla

Don't know where to begin to get more information and ideas about the stylish calla? Just visit Simply Calla, the inspiration platform for florists, garden centers, growers, wholesalers, and other horticulture professionals. It is a joint promotional initiative of all growers and breeders of zantedeschias and aethiopicas and is supported by the growers of the Captain Select group.




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