The Most Iconic Christmas Trees Around The World

These trees are festive, fancy, full of color, and most importantly HUGE!

By: THURSD. | 13-12-2023 | 6 min read
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Christmas trees around the world

Christmas is almost here, and while most cities are illuminated with thousands of lights, a few stand out for their breathtaking trees that can be seen from a mile away. We've found the season's showstoppers: from an otherworldly tree in Paris to a floating tree in Brazil, here are the ten most iconic Christmas trees from around the world!

10 Stunning Christmas Trees Around the World That Are Worth Seeing

So evergreen, amazingly tall, and sparkly! These are all exclamations worthy of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. The decades-long Christmas tree lighting ceremony in almost every hometown of the world draws in millions of people. Here are some of the 10 of the most beautiful Christmas trees around the world.

1. Rockefeller Center, New York City, USA

When it comes to Christmas decorations, you just can’t beat New York City. Perhaps the most famous Christmas tree in the world, the Norway spruce at Rockefeller Center usually has a height between 70 to 100 feet! The tree in the middle of the Rockefeller Complex scrapes the sky with a majestic aura.


Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
Photo: @creativekid90


And, well, there's nothing like Christmas in New York City. The first lighting, which will take place on November 29th, 2023, is a spectacular event in and of itself, watched by millions around the world. If you're in the city and have the chance to go to this canonical event, you should without a doubt GO!


Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center 2022
Rockefeller Center, New York City by @travelmina_


2. Covent Garden, London, UK

Although Trafalgar Square's Christmas tree is one of the most well-known in London, Covent Gardens is also a very popular tourist destination in London, having a majestic Christmas tree worth seeing 100%. And there's more. It has artificial snowfall to add to the festive atmosphere. On Tuesday, November 7 it was lit in one of London's largest light show ever. This year, the 18-meter Christmas tree will be illuminated by 30,000 LEDs, and the Market Building will be adorned with brand-new decorations in the form of giant bells. The Winter Warmer Festival promises mulled wine and Christmas pop-ups, so make your way to Covent Garden this holiday season — just be prepared for crowds.


Covent Garden Christmas Tree
Covent Garden Christmas Tree from 2022
Photo: @abbyoutofoffice


3. Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France

What would Christmas be like if there was no Christmas tree? Since 1976, it has been a tradition at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann to have a stunningly decorated Christmas tree every year. Every winter, the Coupole welcomes its majestic Christmas tree, which will make both young and old dream. Winter has returned, bringing with it the festive holiday season of 2023.


Galeries Lafayette Christmas Tree decoration
This year's Christmas Tree theme at Galeries Lafayette
Photo: @galerieslafayette


Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann already entered the holiday season on November 16th. The large, sublime Christmas tree inside transports you into this magical, fairytale world, delighting young and old alike. This year's edition is all about light and transparency, with creatures gravitating around the tree like a grand concerto. Discovering the new Galeries Lafayette Christmas tree is a real treat every year. Inside the store, the Dome majestically hosts its iconic Christmas tree for the year, which shimmers every 30 minutes with a sound and light show.

4. Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Looking to get into the Christmas spirit in Moscow? Then Red Square is unquestionably the best place to be in the winter.  Red Square's Christmas tree is almost fairytale-like, with a massive ice skating rink, a festive market, and the iconic big ol' tree. It's definitely among 10 of the most iconic Christmas trees around the world that are worth seeing during the festivities!


Beautiful Christmas Tree in Red Square Moscow
Photo: Pinterest


5. St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Italy

The Vatican City is a beautiful place in and of itself, but when you add one of the world's best Christmas trees, the beauty multiplies. This magnificent 30-meter White Fir tree hails from the mountain village of Rosello. The ornaments on the tree were made by young people at the La Quadrifoglio psychiatric rehabilitation facility, elderly patients from the Sant'Antonio care center in Borrello, Italy, and schoolchildren from Pizzoferrato, Quadri, and Villa Santa Maria.


Vatican City Christmas Tree lit up
Photo: @smarttripeurope


6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Have you ever seen a floating Christmas tree or a tropical Christmas? If you answered yes, then you should travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's capital to see the lighting of the floating Christmas tree in the beautiful inland lake of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas between Ipanema and the Botanical Gardens which kicks off the December festivities. Since 1996, the floating Christmas tree has served as a symbol of hope and light for the city, breaking the world record for the largest floating Christmas tree, standing 278 feet tall with over 3 million lights.


Rio de Janeiros floating Christmas Tree
Photo: Pinterest


7. Dortmund, Germany

The world's tallest Christmas tree is in Dortmund, Germany. At around 46 meters (150 feet) tall every year, it is enormous, considered the King Kong of Christmas trees. The tree weighs around 40,000 kg, takes four weeks to construct, and is coated in 48,000 electric lights. This tree towers over a collection of 300 traditional wooden stands selling toys, decorations, and delicacies! Must visit if you're in Germany for Christmas this year.


Tallest Christmas Tree in the world in Dortmund Germany
Dortmund Christmas Tree in 2022
Photo: @germanyinusa


8. Cathedral Square, Vilnius, Lithuania

While Lithuania may not be a popular holiday destination for many, it is well-known for its Christmas tree during the holiday season. Because of its dazzling light displays, it has been named one of the most beautiful in the world. Instead of inviting the masses to a magical Christmas town as in the past, it has been designed to be safely admired from afar in 2022. While the outside of the installation is modern, the inside features a traditional tree, assuring everyone that the Christmas spirit never changes.


Vilnius Christmas Tree in Lithuania
Photo: @raving_ninja


9. Puerta Del Sol, Madrid, Spain

Recently lit on November 25th, 2023, it was a huge spectacle for Madrid. Thousands were there to see it finally lighting up while chanting the final '3,2,1'...The majestic tree in Madrid's Puerta Del Sol square is not natural, but it is breathtaking. The 35-meter-tall (114-foot) conic-shaped metal construction is designed with digitalized interpretations of traditional pine trees and is illuminated by hypnotic textures and colors.


Puerta Del sol Madrid Christmas Tree celebration
Celebration of the lighting of the tree on November 25th, 2023
Photo: @marcelinodiazzabala


10. Riga, Latvia

In 1510, there was the first written record of a decorated Christmas Tree coming from Riga, Latvia. Men of the local merchant’s guild decorated a tree with artificial roses, danced around it in the marketplace, and then set fire to it. The rose was used for many years and is considered to be a symbol of the Virgin Mary.


Riga Latvia has one of the most beautiful Christmas trees
Photo: @radissonbludaugava


The legend of this Christmas tree has earned the Latvian capital a reputation as one of the most iconic places to watch the Christmas tree lighting and one of the 10 most spectacular trees in the world that are worth visiting for sure! If you're also interested in walking around and checking out the best Christmas markets, here's a complete guide to the best Christmas markets around the world.

With the Christmas cheer in its full glory, it's worth looking at some of the most iconic Christmas trees and lights around the world or at least visiting them once in your lifetime! Which one are you seeing this year?


Feature image by @travelmina_.



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