Magical Art of Breeding feature on Thursd
The Art of Breeding Flowers and Plants How are new horticultural beauties created and discovered? And are you a breeder?
The FleuroStar Competition 2023
The FleuroStar Competition 2023 Whichever variety takes home the coveted title this year, flower lovers everywhere will undoubtedly enjoy the 'Wow Factor'.
Jun 07 | 4 min read
Impatiens Walleriana Glimmer Hot Pink
Seven Dazzling Double Impatiens From the Glimmer Series With its breathtaking beauty, the Walleriana Glimmer Series by Ball SB enchants every single garden and outdoor space.
Downy Mildew Resistance Impatiens square feature on Thursd
The Downy Mildew Resilience of Impatiens Beacon and Glimmer Discover the secrets of defeating downy mildew in your garden. Unveil its hidden dangers and learn how to pick the perfect Impatiens.
PanAmerican Seed interview square feature on Thursd
Beacon Impatiens Bring Color Back to Your Gardens and Life The award-winning downy mildew resistant plant series from PanAmerican Seed grows stronger and shines longer.
Garden Plants Interviews
May 29 | 4 min read
FlowerTrials at Royal Van Zanten
Registrations Are Open for FlowerTrials 2023 The annual must-visit event for pot and bedding plant professionals.
Dipladenia from grower Altanova
Mandevilla Plant - All There Is to Know Discover the enchanting beauty of this amazing plant, and learn how to make them flourish in your garden!
Garden Plants
Apr 24 | 7 min read
Mandevilla Diamantina series wide feature on Thursd
Mandevilla Diamantina® - The Special Series The attractive, versatile, and low-maintenance plant that adds color and beauty to any garden, patio, or balcony
Garden Plants
Apr 24 | 5 min read
Mandevilla Diamantina Opal Citrine feature on Thursd
Mandevilla Diamantina® Opal Citrine: This Garden Jewel Brightens Your Day Prepare to be mesmerized by this vibrant and exotic and sparkling gem in the world of horticulture.
Garden Plants
Apr 24 | 5 min read
The Mandevilla Diamantina Series Is a Garden Must Have swuare feature on Thursd
The Mandevilla Diamantina Series by Florensis Is a Garden Must-Have Your garden will thrive and shine with the appearance of these colorful pot plants.
Garden Plants
Apr 24 | 6 min read
Lannes et Fils Mandevilla Diamantina feature on Thursd
What the Breeder and Growers Say About Mandevilla Diamantina From the original inventor Lannes & Fils to the current growers, how do they look at this garden plant?
Garden Plants Interviews
Apr 24 | 6 min read
Floral Inspiration With Poinsettia as Plants on Thursd
Poinsettia - The Popular Christmas Plant You Need to Know About Poinsettias are all in to conquer the Christmas holidays coming ahead, and these are some of the top choices that will be seen everywhere.

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