Blomsterringen Brings Betulias to Norway

This unique potted flowering plant by Koppe Begonia is able to showcase Norwegians' patriotism for their country.

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Blomsterringen Engros Delivers Koppe Begonia’s Betulias Across Norway

Betulia is one of the most popular plants in Norway with a total volume of 1 million plants. Mind you; Norway has a population of 5.5 million inhabitants! It's a country of many fascinating contrasts. From scenic landscapes and forests to glaciers, fjords, midnight sunshine, and the northern lights. Yet, the Begonia Betulia, definitely, fits idyllically into these elements that define the country. So, why does this plant fascinate so many Norwegians?

Blomsterringen Engros

To answer this question, let's start at the beginning of the Norwegian supply chain. Blomsterringen Engros, a pioneering supplier of quality plants to nurseries, garden centers, and florists in the Norwegian potted plant segment, has collaborated with renowned Dutch begonia specialist, Koppe Begonia for more than a decade. And the fruits of this group effort have, continually, been evident in the quality of plants that the pair delivers to nurseries, garden centers, and flower retailers across the Nordic country. 

It is this successful partnership that has, also, enabled the Begonia Betulia to flourish, becoming a beloved fixture in Norwegian homes and gardens. Begonia Betulia, a variety developed by the specialists at Koppe Begonia, comes in varieties of Betulia Bright Pink®, Betulia Candy®, Betulia Light®, Betulia White®, and Betulia Red®, which has a rich hue reminiscent of the main color of the Norwegian flag. It is, therefore, not surprising the plants' runaway popularity in the country, portraying patriotism.

Begonia Betulia in Norway

Potted plants are Blomsterringen's largest product group, and it supplies a wide range of plants that vary throughout the year's seasons and holidays. These range from flowering and green houseplants to planting plants for spring, summer, and autumn.

Blomsterringen currently has agreements with a number of Norway's leading nurseries, so it delivers the imported young Betulia plants to three partner growers: Riis Gartneri, Vollen Gartneri, and Ljones Gartneri in Bergen. They grow the plants to a commercially mature stage.

The flowering plants then return to Blomsterringen to be sold again via its wholesale distribution to all Norwegian garden centers and retailers. Total Betulia volume is nearly 1 m plants on a population of 5,5m.


Koppe Begonia’s Betulia Red in Norway
Potted Begonia Betulia Red® from Koppe


Betulia Red®

The lively red hue of the Begonia Betulia Red® flowers resonates deeply with the spirit of Norway. The color holds a special significance, echoing the vibrant red of the Norwegian flag, a symbol of national pride and unity. As Norway's National Day, celebrated on May 17th, approaches, the demand for, particularly, the Begonia Betulia Red® is, definitely, expected to surge, with homes and gardens across the country adorning themselves with this magnificent flowering plant that reflects the nation's nationalistic fervor.

Norway, a country known for its unique climate, characterized by abundant rainfall and unpredictable weather patterns, presents a challenge for many plant species. However, the Begonia Betulia thrives in these conditions, thanks to its excellent adaptability qualities. 


Koppe Begonia’s Betulia Red in Norway
Begonias Betulia Red in a greenhouse


Ideal Qualities of the Begonia Betulia Red®

This vividly flowered potted plant features a compact habit, with really durable, smaller foliage and excellent branching. It blooms continuously from spring through frost with no deadheading, as, quite unlike other typical varieties, the plant self-cleans. It is, also, tolerant of weather variations and versatile for use in either outdoor or indoor containers. The plant is, likewise, low-maintenance, hence ideal for greenhorns in plant nurturing.

The plant's single flowers, devoid of water retention, similarly gracefully withstand the frequent showers, while maintaining their vivacious color and elegance. 


Koppe Begonia’s Betulia Red in Norway
Koppe's Begonia Betulia Red


The key to Begonia Betulia Red's success in Norway lies in its exceptional adaptability to thrive in the country's challenging climate. With its hardy nature and tolerance for both shade and partial sun, this begonia thrives in the wet, often overcast conditions that are so prevalent in the country.

Such are the qualities that allow Norwegian gardeners to effortlessly incorporate this beautiful addition into both their outdoor and indoor spaces.


Koppe Begonia’s Betulia Red


Koppe’s Partnership With One of the Largest Norwegian Potted Plant Industry Players

As one of the largest players in the Norwegian potted plant market, Blomsterringen has been a key part of the country's horticulture industry for over three and a half decades, establishing itself as a reliable supplier of these exceptional plants across the country.

Founded in 1983 by three manufacturers, who sought to create a comprehensive flower wholesaler focused on delivering the highest standards of produce, the business was initially based at the Økern Torg location, but soon expanded, establishing its headquarters and warehouse at Ulven, while maintaining a subdivision at Økern Torg. In 2005, the operations were consolidated further, with the head office and warehouse moving to Tunveien in Lørenskog.


Blomsteringen manager Knut Hodnebrog with tray of Koppe Begonia's Betulia Red
Blomsterringen Manager Knut Hodnebrog with tray of Koppe Begonia's Betulia Reds.


In 2018, Blomsterringen made another strategic move, uniting its departments from Økern and Lørenskog into a new, state-of-the-art facility at Lahaugmoen in Oslo. Across the country, it now boasts a robust network of six departments in Lahaugmoen, Stokke, Stavanger, Trondheim, Bergen, and Molde. These ensure a seamless flow of floral products and efficient distribution to its extensive customer base. 


Koppe Begonia’s Betulia Red in Norway
Betulia Candy in branded pot


Holding an MPS-GAP Certification for sustainable practices, Koppe Begonia’s partnership with Blomsterringen is, therefore, a strategic move that puts the Gelderland-based begonia specialist in a unique position to ensure that its equally exclusive floral products reach, not just Norway, but also Denmark too, through strategic partnerships.


Koppe Begonia’s Betulias in Norway


The selling period for the plant begins at the end of April to June, with a large peak just before Norway’s national day (May 17th) when everyone wants to have their garden or patio looking perfect for the day.

Curious About the Betulia Begonia?

Are you a grower and curious about the Betulia? Then turn to Koppe Begonia in the Netherlands. Garden Centers, Florists, and Cash & Carries: ask your wholesale supplier.


Photos courtesy of Koppe Begonia.


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