Lagurus Ovatus - These Fluffy Bunny Tails Are Taking Over the Dried Flower Scene

The ornamental grass that's feels just as fluffy as the pet.

By: THURSD. | 13-07-2022 | 2 min read
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Perfect as the finishing touch in any room decoration or floral design. Lagurus Ovatus aka Bunny Tails are a florist's favorite when it comes to the perfect addition to a delicate dried design. Or tweak your larger installation or centerpiece with just a few of these soft oval flowers.

A Little Background on Lagurus Ovatus aka Bunny Tails

Bunny grass is a small grass with soft ivory to white oval flowers. The soft touchable texture is irresistible to both big and little hands. Although being a Mediterranean species, the Bunny plants have naturalized throughout much of the world.



They are Bunnies After All

Fun fact: those fluffy species are considered invasive in some places due to their adaptability to various climates and how easy they reproduce. Go figure; they are bunnies, after all!


Bunny plants


You Can’t Go Wrong When You’ve Got a Bunch of Dried Flowers in Your Home

What is it about dried flowers? By all accounts, we should detest them for their stuffy, dust-collecting habits. But, as it turns out, they inspire the opposite reaction; interior lovers, florists, and (it seems) everyone on Instagram can’t get enough of them. From thoughtfully arranged bunches to simple little posies, it appears you can’t go wrong when you’ve got a bunch of dried flowers in your home.


Colorfull flower bunnies


Lagurus Ovatus in Dried Flower Designs

Here are a few designs with Lagurus - or bunny tails - featured in them. As you can see, from small designs to larger statement pieces; all can use a little delicate help from this soft little shiner!

pampa - These Fluffy Bunny Tails are Taking over the Dried Flower Scene - lagurus in flower dome on thursd
Bunny Tails featured in a colorful flower dome by Pampa
fougere tralala- These Fluffy Bunny Tails are Taking over the Dried Flower Scene - lagurus in dried flower installation
The softness of Lagurus in contrast with big palm leaves by Fougère & Tralala
pampasandcouk - These Fluffy Bunny Tails are Taking over the Dried Flower Scene - lagurus in dried flower bouquet on thursd
Lagurus matching the color palette of this Pampas & Co. arrangement

Lagurus Ovatus in all Kinds of Colors

Lagurus Ovatus is also called Hare's Tail. It is ornamental grass that is ideally suited for drying. Originally native to the Mediterranean, these pale green flower heads ripen to a buff color during the summer. This flower can be bleached to a lovely soft cream to white. Or dyed in any color.
Lagurus Ovatus Bunny Tails in blue on Thursd
Picture by  @somethingblu.floral 
Lagurus Ovatus Bunny Tails in every color on Thursd
Picture by  @poppykalas 



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