Poppykalas from Denmark Is undoubtedly one to watch
Floral Designs
Sep 05 | 2 min read
Lagurus Ovatus Bunny Tails at home on Thursd
Lagurus Ovatus - These Fluffy Bunny Tails Are Taking Over the Dried Flower Scene The ornamental grass that's feels just as fluffy as the pet.
Dried Flowers Flowers
Jul 13 | 2 min read
Life Keeps Blooming Longing for flowers that bring life to these challenging times
Dec 02 | 1 min read
Creating a Meditative State of Mind with Dried Flowers Awaken the senses with Poppykalas’ underwater world installations
Aug 26 | 2 min read
Bougainvillea, Such a Drama Queen of a Flower A surprising new dried flower
Aug 26 | 1 min read
Floral Bath - An Exhibition to Awaken the Senses A sensuous exhibition, that invites you to enter a new, soft world
Aug 26 | 1 min read
Poppykalas on How She Challenges the Floral Stage Go with your own feelings and urge to express yourself with flowers.
May 27 | 9 min read
9 of the Best Mother’s Day Arrangements feature on Thursd
9 of the Best Mother’s Day Arrangements Around the World Excellent designs and best deals being offered by top flower retailers.

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