MAAYAA - A Retreat in South India That’ll Connect You With Nature

Every facet of this retreat is meticulously crafted to harmonize with nature, culminating in an eco-conscious oasis for mindful travelers seeking an authentic and responsible escape.

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MAAYAA, a Balinese-themed hideaway hidden among a luxuriant palm plantation, was built by the architectural company Aslam Sham Architects. The resort, located just an hour's drive from Coimbatore on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, features earthy tones and textures that inspire a sense of peace.

MAAYAA is a Heavenly Retreat To Calm the Mind and Connect With Nature

MAAYAA's design shapes revolve around tropical modernism in order to capture the essence of Balinese architecture and sites. The building is perched on a cliff near Anakkatti, surrounded by the converging Siruvani and Bhavani Rivers. The resort's primary design goal is to enhance and preserve the surrounding beauty. The settings are intended to create an eye-soothing serenity, with verdant flora adorning paths that ooze tranquillity and elegance.


Video by Aslam Sham Architects


Visitors descend to these spaces, which are greeted by shallow, vast water bodies integrated into the roof slabs because the majority of the building is located below the entrance level. This fluid corridor leads to the restaurant, where panoramic views of the river and distant mountains are revealed.

The Connection Between Architecture and Nature

When constructing the MAAYAA's site, the lower floors hold banquet halls, meeting rooms, and offices, while the lowest level features an infinity pool that blends in with the surrounding scenery. The design team accomplishes a seamless blend of building and nature, resulting in an atmosphere where the lines between built and natural elements blur.


Amazing Maayaa retreat in South India


There are two types of lodgings at the resort: regular rooms with river-view balconies and independent villas with plunge pools that overlook both the river and the hinterland. These structures follow the natural curves of the terrain and are linked to the clubhouse and communal utilities by passageways and bridges at various levels.


Outdoor spaces filled with plants in Maayaa retreat


Taking inspiration from Balinese architecture, the materials and design vocabulary chosen reflect the tropical getaway concept, paying respect to the region's style. All in all, this is a retreat aimed to connect your soul with nature because many times, even though we don't see it, we as humans can get completely disconnected from nature, which helps us keep grounded.


Guest enjoying the outdoor nature environment


Why is MAAYAA Worth Visiting?

If you're looking for a calm, serene retreat to help you unwind and actually reconnect with yourself, the environment, and life, MAAYAA is one of those places you might want to consider visiting. The retreat embraces a simple and soothing aesthetic, enveloping visitors in an earthy and friendly ambiance, radiating a tropical contemporary charm that quickly calms the senses. Natural tones and a rich tapestry of textures merge to create an appealing retreat, with each detail carefully chosen to complement the peacefulness of the surrounding vegetation.


A part of Maayaas retreat to sit down and unwind with nature


The magic of Balinese culture pervades every aspect of the resort, allowing guests to immerse themselves in Indonesia's enchanting aura thoroughly. Tropical-themed furnishings and rustic touches obtained straight from Indonesia adorn the interior areas of the resort, adding to the real retreat experience.


Bedrooms connected to nature and plants


On the other hand, connecting passages and charming bridges seamlessly link the accommodations to the clubhouse and shared amenities, further heightening the immersive ambiance of the retreat. The ingenious fusion of elements adds an intriguing dimension to the architecture, spotlighting the retreat's bold commitment to bridging the past and the present. Every facet of MAAYAA is meticulously crafted to harmonize with nature, culminating in an eco-conscious oasis for mindful travelers seeking an authentic and responsible escape.


Planted palms all around the Maayaa site


Photos by @ishyfishy.


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