​Plants Considered Lucky for Your Home According to Vastu Shastra
Seven Plants Considered Lucky for Your Home According to Vastu Shastra Ancient Indian architectural science seeks to align the energies of our living spaces with celestial forces and the natural world.
Azabudai Hills
Azabudai Hills Is A City-Within-a-City Full of Greenery Discover what this green place will look like in Tokyo starting November 2023!
Sep 13 | 4 min read
View of palms at Maayaa retreat
MAAYAA - A Retreat in South India That’ll Connect You With Nature Every facet of this retreat is meticulously crafted to harmonize with nature, culminating in an eco-conscious oasis for mindful travelers seeking an authentic and responsible escape.
Sep 06 | 3 min read
Upper view of tree trellis by Hood Design Studio
A Tree-Like Trellis With Panels Covers Outdoor Space in Silicon Valley Topped with photocvoltaic cells, they encourage outdoor work through the provision of shade, electricity, desks, and gathering spaces.
Aug 02 | 3 min read
House in chile with nature view
Eight Tranquil Bedrooms With Striking Nature Views These minimalist bedroom interiors makes the scenery the protagonist of these spaces.
Jul 19 | 6 min read
Modern looking house with airy terrace
Eight Airy Spaces That Serve as Extensions of the Interior These eight spots will be an inspirational guide to combine interior design and nature altogether.
Jul 12 | 4 min read
cabins with views of nature
10 Cabins With Comfortable Interiors and Charming Views of Nature Nestled amidst serene landscapes and enveloped by the beauty of nature, cabins with nature views offer a unique and captivating experience.
May 24 | 7 min read
Maison Brummell Majorelle featured
Bergendy Cooke’s Sculptural Hotel in Marrakech Is Inspired by Moroccan Design The design of the Maison Brummell Majorelle hotel in Marrakech blends sculptural and organic forms with traditional Moroccan architecture.
May 10 | 3 min read
Jakob Factory article square feature
The Jakob Factory in Vietnam Sprouts With a Tropical Plant Facade A tropical paradise among the most concrete structures in the Ho Chi Minh City business area.
Ten Forest Houses in Deep Woodland square feature
Ten Forest Houses in Deep Woodland to Relax in Your Next Vacay If you're looking for a place to escape the stresses of modern life, these forest houses could be the perfect solution.
May 03 | 6 min read
Outdoor showers featured
Ten Houses With Outdoor Showers to Get in Touch With Nature One of the best plans in the world is getting an outdoor shower while being in complete peace with nature's surroundings.
Apr 26 | 5 min read
Coral Bloom project wide feature
Coral Bloom - Saudi Arabia’s Newest Island Project When The Red Sea Project completes it will contain fifty resorts with a total of 8,000 hotel rooms and 1,300 residential properties.
Apr 19 | 4 min read

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