Manas Bhatia Imagines a Surreal Architectural Future in His Newest Project

Inspired by the fascinating image of the Hyperion tree, Manas Bhatia imagines a future occupied by symbiotic architectural apartment towers that breathe and grow.

By: THURSD. | 01-09-2022 | 3 min read
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A futuristic architectural work has been discovered and people are actually astonished, and speechless. It's all about Manas Bhatia's newest project, showing a cascading and surreal symbiotic architecture breathing and growing. Learn more about how AI has made this project triumph.

Manas Bhatia Architecture Has Developed Surreal Symbiotic Architecture Through A.I.

Utilizing the potential of the artificial intelligence tool Midjourney, skilled and innovative architect and computational designer Manas Bhatia imagines a surreal architectural future with his new project, "Symbiotic Architecture", actually depicting what it would be like in real life.


Mania Bhatia architecture AI project on Thursd


Thinking about ways to bring his wildest architectural dreams and images to real life, this project could actually be achieved shortly. As the world is becoming greener, more technological, and more sustainable, Manas Bhatia architecture has floored it with this new idea in mind.

Inspirational Roots of a Unique Project

The birth of this architectural project derives from a very special source of inspiration for the architect and computational designer, Manas Bhatia.


Mania Bhatia architecture outdoor and indoor view on Thursd


Inspired by the fascinating image of the Hyperion tree, in this concept, the Indian designer imagines a future occupied by symbiotic architectural apartment towers that breathe and grow, appearing as giant hollow redwood trees.


Mania Bhatia architecture explores relationship between nature and architecture on Thursd


The architect questions in real life if the envelope in which we live breathes as creatures, instead of us dwelling in air-conditioned concrete and glass boxes we call apartments. You'll have to wait for the futuristic project to be ready to see if Manas Bhatia fulfills his architectural, symbiotic life goals.

His Inspiration Transformed Hyperion Trees Into Inhabitable Apartments

Through the use of Symbiotic Architecture, Manas Bhatia's architecture expands his practice beyond the realm of physical architectural design. By deeply exploring artificial intelligence and surreal architectural concepts and designs, he questions how patterns occur in nature, how networks are formed in the dwellings of micro creatures, and how plants behave according to natural stimuli and such theories.


Mania Bhatia architecture explores symbiotic architecture designs on Thursd


It is in his futuristic design dreams that nature and architecture collide in buildings that are not machines made from concrete or steel. Instead, they are alive and can grow to accommodate the ever-growing needs for housing.

How Did Artificial Intelligence Make Part of This Project?

To actually make this project as real as possible, Manas Bhatia architecture utilizes the AI program Midjourney to generate this architecture that is symbiotic in nature. The architect fed the program a series of text-based prompts, including a combination of words such as giant, hollowed, tree, stairs, facade, and plants, to generate an array of images in response. Quite impressive huh?


Mania Bhatia architecture facade of images using AI on Thursd


Then in an ongoing process, multiple iterations were run and the prompts were altered to achieve the desired results.

What Does Architect Manas Bhatia Mean by "Symbiotic Architecture"?

In the field of architecture, the symbiotic association is translated to the relationship between an existing building and a new intervention. The sole purpose of the symbiotic associations is to allow at least one symbiont to draw benefits, nutrition, or protection from this relationship.

Exploring the Ongoing Relationship Between Nature and Architecture

Manas Bhatia presents his conceptual research imaginations as a series of technological AI images to further explore the existing relationship that we humans have with nature and architecture altogether.


Symbiotic Architecture with lots of green areas seen in Mania Bhatia's new project on Thursd


The results? An impressive and everlasting relationship that is getting more nurtured with the passing days, and it is solely because people have begun to really understand the importance of being surrounded by nature day and night. Nature is life and these drawings by Manas Bhatia architecture depict the surreal "living" apartments that are entirely integrated into and at one with nature.

Search Through Manas Bhatia's Project

If you're curious to find out more about this incredible project, don't hesitate to visit Manas Bhatia architecture. Get ready to be completely astonished, literally!


All photos by: Manas Bhatia.




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