A Premier Flower Event That Prominently Featured Marginpar's Blooms

The Interflora World Cup was definitely a success going by the experience and all that was achieved.

By: THURSD. | 13-09-2023 | 4 min read
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​Interflora World Cup Event That Featured Marginpar's Blooms

Still glowing from the just concluded Interflora World Cup 2023 which was won by Germany florist Nicolaus Peters, one word that aptly describes the experience that it was is "Wow!"

The floral event of the year drew visitors and participants from around the globe. And, of course, as one of the main sponsors, Marginpar was in attendance showcasing a plethora of its flowers, of course with a few of its team members also in attendance.

What Made the Event Quite the Experience That It Was?

So what were the biggest highlights of the event that made it worth its salt? For starters, what really stood out was the love and passion for flowers. Regardless of who attended it and offered their views, the emotion about flowers was tangible.


Flower Event That Prominently Featured Marginpar's Blooms


It was worthwhile understanding what people, especially floral professionals, think of Marginpar’s flowers. Had they previously been acquainted with the Marginpar range, and what were their impressions? Is there anything that Marginpar could improve on in the future? Well, these were some of the inquiries that the flower grower sought to find out.

Yet its tête-à-têtes with visitors from all around the world created the impression of being captivated by the flowers, Clematis being particularly renowned, and the fact that Marginpar cultivates 34 other flower varieties became more and more evident.


​Flower Event That Prominently Featured Marginpar's Blooms


Marginpar's Flowers Feature in Demos and Workshops in the Floral Competition

Witnessed in the demos, workshops, and in the competition were many of Marginpar’s assortment of flowers that featured in the different challenges. From gloriosa to astrantia, scabiosa, clematis, talinum, sanguisorba, and eryngium, for instance, the participants picked any of these flowers themselves, according to their liking and used them in part of the prepared and the surprise tasks in the (semi) final stage.

Floral Fundamentals also used Marginpar’s flowers during the demonstrations for the public. They showed visitors how they crafted their creations, offered tips and tricks, and educated the audience about these flowers in general.


​Flower Event That Prominently Featured Marginpar's Blooms


Likewise, during the workshops, visitors to the event had the opportunity to work with the flower grower’s blooms, all by themselves. Now that’s quite something to be delighted of.

The #Heymarginpar! Campaign and an Unmissable Towering Artwork

The organizers then adorned two magnificent British phone booths with Marginpar flowers. The result was something to behold.

In that regard, the flower company suggested that anyone who posts a photo online with the #HeyMarginpar! tag enters the grower’s giveaway, which is a full box of Marginpar’s flowers to experiment with in their designs.


​Flower Event That Prominently Featured Marginpar's Blooms


What’s more, anyone who attended the event couldn't miss an exquisite art piece on their entry into the fair! This was the colorful, towering artwork in the lobby, created by Floral Fundamentals under the guidance of Max van de Sluis.

The artwork displayed a stunning array of flowers to the visitors. Naturally, it was also filled with flowers from the company’s range of blooms.

Then Came the (Semi) Final!

Then the deciding events came and there they still were; Marginpar’s flowers still adorned the setting providing a colorful backdrop to the main events taking place on the stage. During the Friday-night semi-finals, the podium was garnished with Marginpar’s flowers including limonium, gypsophila, panicum, and chasmanthium.


​Flower Event That Prominently Featured Marginpar's Blooms


And on Saturday night, the final day, scabiosa, clematis, polianthes, and delphinium were added to the scenery. The inspiration for this arrangement was an English flower garden, and all the efforts were definitely a success.

After All the Glitz, What More Can Be Said?

Well, without a doubt, it was a heartwarming experience. A success in all its elements. This would mostly be due to the meticulous organization, the talented designers, the incredible competition, as well as the bountiful flowers that graced the event captivating with their beauty. Definitely the most beautiful event thus far!


​Flower Event That Prominently Featured Marginpar's Blooms


Looking forward, the impression created is that the next such event will be even better and bigger. And Marginpar will definitely be there with its flower offerings.

See it for Reel

Can't get enough of these pretty flowers? Then check these Instagram reels made by Marginpar at the Interflora World Cup:

Beginning: Building up the event featuring top designers at work.

Day 1: Walking through the building, and catch a glimpse of the atmosphere.

Clematis: See one of the most-used flowers in the designs in action.

Day 2: From the flag parade to demonstrations and the semi-finals.

Day 3: The famous phone booth, many designs, and... the grand final!


All photos courtesy of Marginpar.





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