Michael Perry – The True Portrayal of a Plant Geek

With his bubbly character and passion for plants and gardening, he showcases just how much these plants are beneficial for people.

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Michael Perry – Mr. Plant Geek Making Waves in the Plants and Gardening World

Michael Perry, also known as Mr. Plant Geek, is not your conventional plant and gardening aficionado. He is a cognoscente of plants, who has fully established himself as an expert in the world of flora and gardening. An extensively knowledgeable person in these fields, with an even engaging personality, and a passion for all things green, Michael seems to be acquainted with just about all that has to be known about plants.

With a love for florae that was nurtured from an early age to a rich understanding of how different kinds of green plants function, and practically how the entire gardening aspect works, it is no surprise that Michael has become a reliable source of information for plant enthusiasts at all levels. So, here’s his journey in these fascinating fields!

A Passion for Plants Bequeathed From His Grandparents

Michael's love for plants and gardening began at a young age. Growing up, he developed an attraction for nature, as, living with his grandparents, he often found himself surrounded by green plants and flowers that they grew in greenhouses.


​Michael Perry Is Mr. Plant Geek
Michael Perry, also known as Mr. Plant Geek.


By the time he was 12, he was practically, entirely, engaged in the plant world, working with different plants, and even selling them through mail order, as he learned more in the field. He, however, kept this a secret from his friends at school. Gardening wasn't perceived as cool back then! Even so, he still pursued a diploma in horticulture in college.

From the age of 18, he worked at a mail order seed and plant company, Thompson & Morgan UK, where his professional career in plants formally took off. Here, he was a plant hunter; helping to source new plants for the company’s seed catalog. This is also where he honed his skills in identifying unique plants. He was later promoted to be the specialist catalog manager.


​Michael Perry Is Mr. Plant Geek


Soon, and armed with his vast knowledge of plants, he began appearing on TV in shows like The Great British Garden Revival, among others, while working in new product development and also public relations at Thompson & Morgan.

The Birth of Mr. Plant Geek

Years after he began working at Thompson & Morgan, Michael left and embarked on a freelance career focused on plants and gardening. He created the persona of Mr. Plant Geek and launched the website through which he chronicled his travels in the Costa Rican jungles and elsewhere across the world, discovering new varieties and documenting them.


​Michael Perry Is Mr. Plant Geek


All this while, he still made appearances on TV, with regular contributions to ITV This Morning as well as his own show, Michael Perry’s Garden, on the U.K.'s QVC TV. This is a plant-based series through which he engages plant enthusiasts about gardening and plants in general.


“I always follow my instincts and constantly want to look at things from a different angle. I’ve been freelancing for about eight years now, and working as an influencer as well. I’ve worked with brands like Selecta One, Sakata, and Morel, among others. Essentially, consumers need to have in-depth insights about the industry.”


​Michael Perry Is Mr. Plant Geek


Through his website — and social pages — he has, henceforth, continued to cultivate an energetic community of plant enthusiasts who fervently follow his adventures, seek his advice, and stay updated on the latest trends in the world of plants and gardening. His website is a kind of hub for gardening advice, product reviews, plant recommendations, and so much more.

Plant and Gardening Education Efforts

Michael, who was listed in the Sunday Times top 20 most influential people in the gardening world mostly due to his plant hunter role at Thompson & Morgan, also established the Gardening School, a platform that provides knowledge through courses, tutorials, and resources designed to empower individuals with the skills required to establish and maintain attractive gardens.


​Michael Perry Is Mr. Plant Geek


These trainings range from beginner-friendly guides to expert-level courses and cater to a wide range of gardening enthusiasts, affording them access to essential and interesting topics.

Another one of Mr. Plant Geek’s key contributions to the gardening community is a plant-based podcast series, through which he engages listeners with insightful discussions, insights, expert interviews, and entertaining anecdotes that touch, and focus on plants and gardening.


​Michael Perry Is Mr. Plant Geek


His knack for simplifying complex gardening concepts and making them accessible to all people makes the series quite a favorite of many who follow him; regardless of whether they are seasoned gardeners or novice plant lovers. As a matter of fact, Mr. Plant Geek's are some of the plant-based podcasts you should be listening to!

Still, in addition to his website and podcasts, he has various other projects that showcase his ingenuity and passion for plants. Such include the New Plant News, which keeps readers informed about exciting plant introductions and discoveries, and Rude Botany and Weird & Wacky Plants which focus on the intriguing and lesser-known aspects of the plant and gardening world.


​Michael Perry Is Mr. Plant Geek


Plants Do More Good to People

For Michael, who has a fascination for unique florae, gardening and plants in general are more than just a hobby. They are much more like a way of life. Ever since the pandemic hit, he says, the realization has been that plants and gardening do so much good to people. They, essentially, nurture the mind and the soul.


“Plants are almost everywhere. And they are beneficial in many ways. Education on these plants is, therefore, important. I’m so eager for more people to make different plant choices. Many of us keep on growing the same thing [plants], but with poor results. That’s what it’s all about; making gardening easier, more pleasurable, and making sure you’ve got something different to your neighbors!”


​Michael Perry Is Mr. Plant Geek


Through different initiatives, he, likewise, offers different ideas on plants, while also championing the idea that plants and gardening are good for mental health and well-being. He, furthermore, promotes gender equality for gardeners and plant geeks alike, all through charity work.


Photos courtesy of Michael Perry (mr_plantgeek)



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