OZ Planten, Decorum Buyer of the Year

What is the secret of their success with the Decorum brand?

By: THURSD. | 16-09-2020 | 3 min read

Buyer Of The Year

In January 2020 OZ Planten won the Decorum Buyer Of The Year Award for the fourth time in a row. What is the secret of their success with the Decorum brand? Three employees of OZ Planten get the stage. Elmar van der Park (Commercial Purchase Manager), Jennie de Boer (Plant Buyer), and Essine Prins (Marketing Manager) are happy to shine their light on the products and services of Decorum. And for a reason, because their company has built a warm relationship with this label throughout the years. OZ Planten, Decorum Buyer of the Year

When I Think of Decorum...

When asked what comes to their minds first when hearing the name Decorum Elmar kicks off. Elmar: "It's stability, reliability, and vast reach are words that first pop up in my mind when I hear the name Decorum. Especially in countries like Russia and Italy the brand is very much present in the wholesale markets, garden centers, and independent florists. This gives an advantage for companies selling Decorum products." Jennie: "Also continuity of supply and quality of their products are a major factor." Especially in upcoming markets, like garden centers and independent florists, using a brand like Decorum is important. Elmar: "An employee of a garden center might not know all plant varieties, like solanum pseudocapsicum, but seeing the Decorum label gives a sense of reliability and quality." OZ Planten, Decorum Buyer of the Year

Targeted Decorum Buying

Jennie: "We offer Decorum products as a separate group in our webshop. So, yes, we target their products for our purchase." According to Elmar it also works the other way around: "When we see a good grower for Decorum, we tip Decorum to approach the grower. So we buy from a Decorum grower from whom we already bought plants before they carried this label." OZ Planten, Decorum Buyer of the Year

Using the Full Assortment

Elmar and Jennie explain that OZ Planten buys the full plant assortment of Decorum: "Around 13% of all plants we buy are from Decorum. When more growers connect to the label we expect that this share will definitely grow. The advantage of more growers under Decorum would be more unity in logistics and packaging. We will be able to increase the load factor of the plants, resulting in lower transport costs." "Product-wise phalaenopsis is definitely the most purchased item. We buy these from Orchios, Duijn-Hove, and Sion. And of course the green plants, like the ones of Persoon Potplanten. OZ Planten, Decorum Buyer of the Year

What Decorum Does for OZ Planten

Decorum not only works hard for their growers but at OZ Planten they are also happy with the attention they're given in return for their business. Decorum is very active online, linking its business partners to their products. Naturally, OZ Planten greets this free publicity. Jennie: "They travel a lot, and when they find a company needing a supplier we are mentioned as an option." Elmar: "We have monthly meetings when we are asked how we would like the label to improve." Essine: "Decorum has filled our office for over a year as an inspirational room for our salespeople." Decorum is many growers, learning a lot from each other. They also have the financial possibilities to stimulate innovation. OZ Planten is well aware of this innovative attitude. Elmar: "I think that about every month we see a novelty, often exclusive products." Altogether, OZ Planten is a devoted business partner of Decorum, recognizing its quality and marketing efforts. This creates a win-win for both sides.

OZ Planten, Decorum Buyer of the Year
From the left: Essine Prins, Elmar van der Park, and Jennie de Boer



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