Plantador Colombia's Open House Days Was a Success, Showcasing Floral Gems

"We had an incredible turnout in the open house and we had the honor of hosting the upper management of the most influential companies in the South American and US markets."

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Showcase of Colombian roses

Colombia shows beauty, innovation, and color when it comes to the country's flowers and anyone who has visited farms in the country can confirm it. This is the case for Colombian breeder representative Plantador, offering some of the market's most valuable, high-quality, and eccentric flowers. During their latest Open House Days held in their facilities in Colombia, visitors were surprised by what they encountered. The beauty of flowers is undeniable and many of the attendees were eager to make these blooms part of their next product ranges. Here's everything that went down during the event.

Magnificent Days at Plantador's Open House Days in Colombia

Taking great pride as figureheads in rose innovation, the whole team behind Plantador and the Open House Days were proud to showcase their new subspecies of roses, creating new possibilities and letting imagination soar when it comes to using them in arrangements, designs, and textures in the floral world.


Open House days at Plantador in Colombia


During their most recent event, they welcomed prospective growers and flower enthusiasts to their facility in Facatativá - Cundinamarca, where they displayed a wide range of varieties, including the most recent standouts. The welcoming event featured some of their most eye-catching and attention-grabbing traditional roses, such as Rose Fortune, and Rose Explorer, as well as newcomers.


Visitors admiring Colombian roses at Open House Days
Visitors admiring the quality, color, shape, and texture of Colombian roses at Plantador's Open House Days


A Brilliant Future for the Colombian Flower Industry According to Ana Lucia Benavides

Ana Lucia Benavides, General Manager of Plantador Colombia is incredibly excited for the upcoming year and she shares not only a few highlights of what is coming in the bright floral future for them but also the insightful days she and the team had during the Open House Days.


Ana Lucia Plantadors General Manager
Ana Lucia Benavides, Plantador's General Manager


Plantadors Open House Days


"We had an incredible turnout in the open house, and we had the honor of hosting the upper management of the most influential companies in the South American and US markets. As for the feedback we had on our new collection, we consistently see the importance of well-defined vibrant colors. Varieties such as Rose Shocking Blue, Rose Goldfinch, Rose Atlas, and Rose Fortune, were very popular due to their vigorous growth and long vase life."


Visiting and seeing rose growth and production at Plantador
Floral influencer Ana Maria Calle attending the Open House Days at Plantador


Showcasing New Technology

Additionally, for the first time in Colombia, the company showcased its new NUF water filtration system. NUF is a cutting-edge filtration system that requires minimal energy to work, is compact, and most importantly, filters out nearly all biological solids in the water. Not only does this include large solids such as nematodes, but also filters out particles such as nematode eggs, fungus spores, bacteria such as Fusarium, agrobacterium, E. Coli, and most viruses.


NUF Filtration System
NUF water filtration system


The results they have seen through nearly one hundred tests from different parts of the savannah in Bogota have shown consistently flawless results for all types of water filtration. The team is proud to serve Colombian Rose Growers in the pursuit of improved varieties, better, safer, and environmentally friendlier genetics and technology.

Know More About Plantador

Plantador Colombia is a company located near the city of Bogota with a history of over 28 years in the floriculture sector in Colombia. The company represents international Rose Breeding companies in Colombia, such as Kordes Rozen, the oldest rose breeder in the world, Interplant, whose spray rose breeding program revolutionized the spray rose industry, Delbard, which has forged a unique name for their specialized perfumed varieties, Grandiflora, a company which created their genetic line based on intense colors and blooming shapes of their roses, and lastly, Fazari, who recreated the image of the wedding bouquet with their Quicksand variety.



Plantador distinguishes itself by selecting new varieties based on the necessities of its clients and the global markets. Additionally, they're proud to inform they work with a wide range of rose varieties while being experts in pioneering roses featuring new colors, shapes, and sizes.

In their history, they have introduced varieties that have permanently left their mark in the floral industry, such as Rose Mondial, Rose Pink Mondial, Rose Brighton, and the famous Rose Explorer, among many others. Plantador always searches for new products for innovative solutions for the industry's challenges. In this capacity, they offer irrigation supplies, Ultra-filtration water systems (NUF), hydroponic beds (MAPAL), and seeds of many different cultivars among other supplies to provide the best quality tools for the farms in Colombia to flourish and continue to be one of the leading countries of flower export.


For inquiries and more information, you may contact [email protected] or [email protected]. To follow up on their content and further announcements on future events, make sure to follow Plantador's Facebook and Instagram.


Photos and video courtesy of Plantador Colombia


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