Plants For Students That Practically Take Care of Themselves

These are some of the plants for students that serve to decorate and purify the environment. They are also economical, especially when one does not have too much budget.

By: THURSD | 17-10-2022 | 3 min read
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Everyone is used to seeing students as perpetually busy young people who have no time for anything except studying and socializing with their classmates. And, of course, it's no secret that most students live in dormitories with not the best conditions. Today we want to talk about how to improve your room in the hostel so that it does not take much time and effort. And since our site is mainly dedicated to plants today, we will tell you which plants are best suited for the dormitory. 

Many people are terrified of having plants at home since they do not have time to take care of them or do not understand them. However, we will debunk these myths by introducing you to some practical student plants that care for themselves. 

Indoor plants help to improve the mood of those who grow them while purifying the air we breathe. So they will also help improve your mental performance.

Devil's Ivy (Pothos)

Perhaps one of the easiest plants to keep indoors in the dorm since it can be grown in a container with soil or a glass of water. This plant has heart-shaped leaves that vary in color from the darkest green to the lightest yellow. Offer it a dim light, either the white light from a desk, near a window, or in a bathroom, and keep the soil slightly moist.





A succulent will be ideal for you if you have somewhere well sunny since it is a desert plant and does not need to be overwatered. In addition, it withstands sun and drought because it stores water and food in its leaves. Give it direct sun or intense light, water it once every two weeks, and keep the soil dry and well drained. I knew an essay writer who has been forgotten to water a succulent for almost a month. And he survived!




Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

This is an excellent plant for gift-giving since you can place it in small spaces with little natural light. Spathiphyllum produces white flowers covered by a spathe of the same color. Its leaves are deep green and can be kept in the same container for a long time. Remember to provide it with indirect light and water it once a week.


Peace Lily



There is a wide variety of ferns to choose from. However, it is essential to place it where it is kept moist and receives indirect light. Generally, it prefers diffused natural light and slightly moist soil. Fertilize once a month with organic compost.




Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is very fashionable in offices and dorm rooms. This plant is fast-growing, and one of its main attractions is its trunks since they are very similar to those of natural bamboo. It can also be grown in water. Lucky bamboo prefers dim, light, moist soil to be fertilized once a month to grow much faster.


Lucky Bamboo


These are some of the plants for students that serve to decorate and purify the environment. They are also economical, especially when one does not have too much budget.



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