The Most Heartfelt and Popular Flowers for Expressing Sympathy

Sympathy flowers are a sweet and tasteful way of showing compassion and support for someone who has lost a loved one. Here are a few choices.

By: THURSD. | 28-08-2023 | 5 min read
White sympathy flower arrangement

It's difficult to know what to say when someone you know is grieving the loss of a loved one. Sending sympathy flowers is an excellent way to convey that you care about someone who is going through a difficult period.

6 Popular Types of Flowers for Expressing Sympathy

Before you give flowers to a bereaved friend, you should also be aware that different flowers have distinct meanings. Looking at the symbolism of a flower can help you send the appropriate message, whether it's one of peace or hope. Here are some popular sympathy flowers and their meanings.

1. Lily

Perhaps the most popular flowers for mourning, lilies are an excellent choice to send to individuals who have lost a loved one. Lilies have long been associated with peace and hope, making them ideal for conveying positive thoughts to those who are grieving. Because of their peaceful demeanor, white lilies are particularly popular funeral and sympathy flowers used worldwide.


White lilies are very popular sympathy flowers
White lilies by @thecountryflorist_


2. Chrysanthemum

Because these flowers have diverse meanings around the world, you should consider the location of the funeral as well as the culture and ethnicity of the mourners. White mums are viewed as a symbol of mourning in Asian countries such as China and Japan and are frequently used in funeral arrangements. Chrysanthemums are almost primarily used at funerals and memorial events in European countries such as Austria, France, and Belgium. White chrysanthemums are an excellent choice to present to someone who is bereaved.


Arrangement using white mums as sympathy flowers
Floral arrangement with white lilies, carnations, roses, alstroemerias, and chrysants by @tscottieb


3. Gladiolus

Gladioli with its tall spikes of blossoms, are a symbol of power and character, making them one of the most popular flowers for expressing sympathy to any loved one. You can send a double message by sending gladioli as a condolence flower for the person going through a rough time For starters, these flowers serve to remind mourners of the personality of their deceased loved one. Second, they assist the bereaved in regaining their inner strength.


White gladioli are a very popular choice as sympathy flowers
White gladioli by @lilchanner


4. Rose

A rose’s meaning varies depending on its color, so you’ll want to take note of these symbols before you choose a color.


A rose arrangement for expressing sympathy
Heart-shape containing white roses by @preciousflowerskent


5. Carnation

Like roses, carnations come in a wide variety of colors. And each of these hues holds a different meaning. Consider color meaning when ordering a carnation bouquet to express your sympathy.


Red carnation detailed look
Red carnations by @dianaclemente


6. Orchid

Orchids, with their long, graceful stalks and long-lasting blooms, signify everlasting love. When you gift an orchid to a bereaved person, you are reminding them that the deceased will live on in their hearts. There are many different orchid colors to choose from, but white and pink are always safe bets!


White orchids mixed with yellow blooms as sympathy flowers
White phalaenopsis in a floral funeral arrangement by @allure_flowers11


Sympathy Flower Colors

If you're not sure what hue flowers to send for death or mourning, here is a short guide about flower colors and how to choose the appropriate sympathy flower color.

One alternative is to send a color that is usually sent to grieving people. Because it represents optimism, peace, and purity, white is a popular compassion color. You can't go wrong with white flowers for compassion! Other soft colors, such as peach and pink, are also suitable. If you don’t know the deceased very well, these traditional colors are an excellent choice.

Another option is to use the deceased's favorite color to honor them. Send a funeral arrangement of purple blooms if they used to really love the color purple. Consider the preferences of those who are in mourning. Don't be scared to give a warm bouquet with a nice note if they liked orange and red tones.

Where to Send Sympathy Flowers

Before you order sympathy flowers, consider where you'll send them. Your relationship with the bereaved and their requests will determine the final destination. Also, read the funeral announcement because it will typically mention where to send flowers.


Giant wreath of red roses and carnations with white flowers
Photo by @dmpflowersandgifts


Now that you know a bit more about choosing and sending sympathy flowers, you can decide the best option for any loved one who's going through a rough time.


Header image by @blessedfloraldesign and feature image by @amoredolceflowersfunerals.



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