Banksias Are So Fluffy!

Enjoy this wooly Instagram parade of 'furry' nice flowers from banksia lovers!

By: THURSD. | 17-11-2022 | 2 min read
Dried Flowers

Possum Banksia, Woolly Banksia, Banksia Baueri. This rare banksia has so many names. Common names include woolly banksia, possum banksia, woolly-spiked banksia, pussy cat banksia, or teddy bear banksia, all of which relate to the large furry flower spikes. This banksia can keep its fluffy texture for months even without water. Enjoy this fluffy Instagram parade of banksias from banksia lovers!

Banksia Is So Fluffy!

Banksia baueri is found in southwestern Australia. This exotic Australian flower is sure to capture attention, whether grouped alone as a fresh bloom or mixed with other varieties in a dried flower bouquet. Let's get carried away by this Australian beauty with endless drying- and design possibilities. Do you see the possibilities with these large fluffy flower spikes?

Eyes Like Wildflowers


Banksia by Eyes Like Wildflowers on Thursd
Photo by @eyeslikewildflowers_


Clover Flowers


Banksia by Clover Flowers on Thursd
Photo by:


Michell Lott


Banksia by Michell Lott on Thursd
Photo by @lottlott


Azalea Flowers


Banksia by Azalea Flowers on Thursd
Photo by: @azalea__flowers


Wedding Flowers Geelong


Banksia by Wedding Florist Melbourne on Thursd
Photo by: @poppysgettingmarried


Pretty Peonie


Banksia by Pretty Peonie on Thursd
Photo by: @pretty_peonie




Banksia by Hayleyzena on Thursd
Photo by: @hayleyzena


Tribal Rose


Banksia by Tribal Rose on Thursd
Photo by: @tribalroseflorist

Typical Australian

Banksia is a typical Australian flower. Most species are shrubs, and few of them can even be found as trees. These flowers are very popular because of their size. That's why banksias are very popular in gardens all over Australia.

Some varieties are grown for cut flower trade, hence for floral arrangements and lush bouquets. Some species, principally Baniska coccinea (scarlet banksia), Banksia baxteri, Banksia hookeriana (Hooker's banksia), Banksia sceptrum (sceptre banksia), and Banksia prionotes (acorn banksia), and less commonly Banksia speciosa (showy banksia), Banksia menziesii (Menzies' banksia), Banksia burdettii and Banksia ashbyi are grown on farms in the western and southern parts of Australia, as well as Israel and Hawaii. The flower heads are harvested for the cut flower trade.

Eastern Australia species, such as Banksia ericifolia, Banksia robur and Banksia plagiocarpa, are sometimes cultivated for this purpose as well.



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