Princettia® or Poinsettia - What Makes Them Different?

It's not just a slight difference between these two varieties of Euphorbia pulcherrima, and you're about to find out. Learn more about these beauties and why they are calling your X-Mas door!

By: THURSD. | 30-11-2022 | 5 min read
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Princettia® is a new poinsettia brand with a different style with vibrant flower colors including the whitest white, beautiful pinks, and a beautiful cranberry red color. The difference between traditional poinsettias and princettias? It's not just a slight difference, and you're about to find out why.

What Differentiates Princettias® From Poinsettias?

You may have already read about poinsettias and joined the hype because they are indeed known as the traditional Christmas plant that takes over the holidays. The more poinsettias, the merrier, some say. But what are princettias® and why are they also very popular nowadays? Looks like princettias® and poinsettias are on the same X-Mas page.

An important difference between poinsettia and Princettia® is that the first one is not a registered trademark, and the second is. Princettia® is part of breeder MNP / Suntory's house of brands. This breeder has developed a dozen eye-catching varieties in red, pink, and white hues. Improved poinsettias, so to speak!


It is safe to say that what differentiates princettias® from poinsettias the most is their compact size. Although they are a brand of poinsettia, princettias® is a naturally compact plant that is the perfect addition to any holiday centerpiece, tablescape, or festive decorations. In other words, perfect for Christmas celebrations. If you are not yet familiar with poinsettias overall, read the article 'Poinsettia - The Popular Christmas Plant You Need to Know About'.

Princettia® - A New Brand With Compact Types of Poinsettia

Princettia® is a new brand of poinsettia (also known as the 'Christmas Star' plant), with a compact growth habit and strong branching. Princettia® looks different than the traditional red poinsettias; its colorful bracts are smaller, thinner, and more bountiful.


Princettia white variety on Thursd
Princettia® Pure White. Photo by MNP / Suntory


Given their compact size, princettia® has already become a new X-Mas fave, making a very strong debut in the plant world. Imagine having a handful of your favorite-colored princettia® joining you for a fantastic Christmas dinner. They are the perfect way of adding more ambiance, texture, and merrier colors to any spot.

Caring for Your Princettia® Plant

Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias aren't difficult to care for. The truth is that caring for a bubble gum pink princettia® that is the glamorous younger sister of the more commonplace red poinsettia is actually the same because as mentioned above, it's only a more close-packed version of the known general poinsettia plant. But to refresh your mind here are a few care tips that'll make your princettia® fully bloom and have a holly jolly Christmas and beyond.

1. Princettias® Need Warmth and Light

Poinsettias need warmth and light. The plant must be kept away from draughts (that means no fireplaces, open doorways, open windows, or breezy hallways). If it's too draughty, this plant may start to lose its leaves. Try to place princettias® in a sheltered spot.


Princettias are poinsettias sisters on Thursd
Princettia® Pink and Princettia® Dark Hot Pink. Photo by Floriplant


2. Keep Princettias® in Cool Temperatures

A temperature between 15 and 22 degrees is ideal, making both princettias® and poinsettias well-suited to survive in bedrooms and living rooms. Sufficient light is important for the plant to grow and thrive (they prefer a light spot rather than full shade). The usual advice is to keep plants out of direct sunlight to protect their leaves from burning, but in the winter months this shouldn't be a problem, so it's fine to place these beautiful plants by a south-facing window.


Pink Princettias on Thursd
Princettia® Pink by Suntory. Photo: MNP / Suntory


3. Watering Princettias®

Poinsettias prefer soft water, they don’t like hard water. Rainwater is naturally soft and low in minerals like lime, and therefore perfect for plants – collect it outside to water your princettias®. In regions with hard drinking water, you could reduce the mineral content of tap water by boiling it or letting it stand for a day. This deposits the minerals that make the water hard. You can also mix tap water with distilled water or use a water filter.


Watering handles for princettia plant on Thursd
Photo: Princettia


4. Don't Overwater

Princettias don't like a lot of water. Always remember that the plant's root should neither dry out nor be drenched. Overwatering can quickly lead to waterlogging, which in turn causes root rot and leaves you with a dead plant. Important: You should water your poinsettia plant when the soil is noticeably dry.

5. Fertilizing Princettias®

Newly purchased princettias® typically don't require fertilizing during the flowering period because they are usually sold in pre-fertilized soil. However, fertilizing could be required, for example, if princettias are repotted or kept for longer. These gorgeous plants are particularly long-lasting when they are fertilized once a week from about four weeks after purchase, using a commercial liquid fertilizer for flowering houseplants.


How to fertilize princettia plants on Thursd
Photo: Mitchells Nursery


Princettia Colors to Choose From

Just like the poinsettia, there are a few colors available that go extremely well with the festive holidays, especially red and white. Although they are the chosen colors for Christmas, a pink princettia® will never, ever disappoint either. These are three of the most popular princettias® at the moment:

1. Princettia® Pink


Princettia Pink on Thursd
Princettia® Pink. Photo by MNP / Suntory.


2. Princettia® Indian Red


Princettia Indian Red on Thursd
Princettia® Indian Red. Photo:


3. Princettia® Pure White


Princettia Pure White on Thursd
Princettia® Pure White. Photo:


Whether these two beauties are slightly different or not, the reality is that their amazing effect and impact especially during the Christmas season is undeniable. All in all, your house deserves the most beautiful X-Mas plants and both princettias® and poinsettias are here to give it to you.


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