Roselily Series is the Gold Standard of Double Lilies

This pollen-free double-flowered lily is a triumph of modern breeding techniques, offering unparalleled beauty, delicate fragrance, and extra-long vase life.

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Double-flowering lilies have been on the market for some time now, but not all double-flowering lilies are created equal. With top-level features such as double the number of petals, pollen-free, mild fragrance, and longer vase life, Roselily is the superior choice of double lilies. It's the Gold Standard for quality florists worldwide.

Roselily Series Is the Gold Standard

Lilies are among the most recognizable flowers on the market today. For decades, they have been top-selling cut ­flowers thanks to their long-lasting blooms and a wide variety of flower shapes and colors. If you thought lilies couldn’t get any better, think again!

The Roselily® series has been in the making for nearly thirty years. It's a triumph of modern breeding techniques that offers unparalleled beauty and quality. No other double lilies have this kind of pedigree. The introduction of the Roselily series is a game-changer. It has become the Gold Standard. Its astonishing blossoms will certainly drive demand.


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What Makes Roselilies Unique?

Roselily is a true double-petaled flower with at least eighteen petals compared to just six on a single oriental lily. The large, overlapping petals resemble roses as they open, hence the name. Bred to have a sweet and mild fragrance, these lilies won’t overpower a room. Perhaps best of all, they don’t have any staining pollen. And, because they don’t produce pollen - which cost energy for the flower - they have a substantially longer vase life.





Roselily Keeps Getting Better

The breeding of new Roselily varieties is ongoing and continues to make great strides in development. Over the last ten years, varieties have been selected that display improvements in length, upward-facing flowers, and beauty. The selection of white Orientals is especially promising. Keep an eye open for those!








What Do Floral Designers Around the World Say About Roselilies?

Let's take a trip around the world to see what renowned floral designers say about Roselilies.

Marcela López-Vallejo, AIFD, PFCI, Head Designer P&F Flower Farms, South Carolina, USA

“I love working with Roselilies because they instantly increase the perceived value of floral compositions. And being pollen-free with a long vase life makes them the perfect flower for use in bouquets.”



Floral designer Susan Meijer, Breezand, Netherlands

“First of all, the beauty of the flower is magic! The vase life and quality are marvelous, and thanks to the romantic aesthetics and no pollen, it’s beautiful to use for wedding bouquets and wedding decorations. We’re big fans of Roselily!”




Meredith Waga Perez Owner of Belle Fleur NYC, USA

“Roselilies are all the rage at Belle Fleur NYC! We are in love with this newer hybrid lily that offers a whole lot of bloom, an angelic scent, and never fails to impress. I think what our clients love most about this double petal variety is that there’s no exposed messy pollen; it’s stamen free, which is so rare. Personally, I love putting my nose to a flower, and standard lilies have always been just a bit too bold. The Roselily fragrance is mild, yet it’s still so alluring and seductive.”




Botanic Lane Florist, Empire City, Vietnam

“We just love everything of Roselily from the moment we pick them by the farm, the perfect fragrance, and double-blooming petals. Once you have seen a Roselily, you just can never forget how it looks.”



Ask For Them by Name

De Looff Lily Innovation conceived the Roselily breeding program in 1993 in the Netherlands. Roselily became a registered trademark in 2012, and just four years later, these lovely flowers began being distributed worldwide. The Roselily series is the first international brand of pollen-free double-flowering lilies in history.

This is what you need to know about Roselily:

- Extraordinary Beauty - Roselilies have large colorful buds that always produce fully double flowers.
- Delicate Fragrance - Some find the fragrance of lilies overpowering, but these beauties have a soft scent.
- Pollen-Free - The latest selections of Roselily produce no pollen under any circumstances. (Occasionally, older selections may produce a small amount of pollen)
- Extra Long Vase life: Roselily varieties have a longer vase life than single-flowering lilies, up to four days longer.

Check just a few Roselily varieties from De Looff Lily Innovation: Roselily Carolina, Roselily Leona, Roselily Natalia, and Roselily Samantha.

Now, feel free to go and ask your supplier for these amazing flowers!


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