Butterfly on a lily
Dutch Lily Days Event Showcases Beauty and Innovation Love for Lilies supports this event with their "Not Grown to Be Subtle" campaign.
Floral Events
Jun 12 | 4 min read
Dutch Lily Days 2024 at Zabo Plant square feature
A Greenhouse Filled With Lilies and Butterflies Zabo Plant hosted the perfect stage for the introduction of the new Butterfly lilies during Dutch Lily Days.
Floral Events
Jun 12 | 7 min read
Zabo Plant Lily Tropical Dragon
Zabo Plant Gives a Sneak Preview of Dutch Lily Days Here are five good reasons to book your visit to this top event on Tuesday the 4th of June.
Floral Events
May 29 | 4 min read
Roselily double showstopper
Roselily - The Double Showstopper Why this is considered a revolution in floriculture.
May 29 | 3 min read
Love for Lilies
The Beauty of Lilies With 'Love for Lilies' Explore the diversity that exists within the lily world, join the movement today!
May 29 | 7 min read
Jacob Langelaan Zabo Plant
Year-Round the Finest Lilies and Roselilies, How Is That Possible? With nurseries in the Netherlands and Chile, Zabo Plant's lilies never miss a holiday anywhere in the world.
Interviews How It Works
Feb 14 | 8 min read
Zabo Plant introduction square feature on Thursd
Zabo Plant Creates Top Brands in Flower Bulbs and Tubers In the world of horticulture, this grower and exporter stands as a name associated with enduring quality and sustainable innovation.
Garden Plants
Jan 17 | 5 min read
Chrysal lilies care square feature on Thursd
How to Make Lilies the Perfect Flower for Special Occasions With the best tips from Chrysal and top grower Bredefleur you can never fail.
Floral Education
Dec 13 | 6 min read
Roselily Two Beautiful Flowers in One square feature
Roselily - The Beauty, Fragrance, and Symbolism of Two Flowers in One Roselily stands for a pollen-free, double-flowered, and unique lily. And with a long vase life.
Indoor Plants Flowers
Nov 29 | 12 min read
Roselily Work of Art wide feature on Thursd
The Roselily - A Work of Art and a Staple Flower Pollen-free, long vase life, sweet fragrance, and eccentrically charming petals. What else could you wish for in a flower?
Sep 13 | 3 min read
Wedding season featured
Decorum’s Floral Choices for Wedding Season These blooming choices will be making quite a statement in 2023 weddings.
Wedding Flowers
Mar 30 | 6 min read

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