Breeding Excellence Meets Growing Expertise in Limoniums

Meet Marginpar's Kenyan farm Carzan and learn about its all-year-round production of unrivaled quality.

By: THURSD. | 24-01-2024 | 4 min read
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Royal Van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten's breeding passion spans over a century and a half, making them an undisputed market leader in the breeding and propagation of flowers and plants globally. It's their conviction that dedication only grows when you pass it on, through a supply of quality tissue culture plants, growers like Marginpar experience this commitment in every limonium variety that has been adopted within their portfolio.

Marginpar, which has seventeen farms across five countries affirms that passionate growing is only possible when you empower your people, when empowered they will grow unique flowers; that is Marginpar's spirit. When breeding excellence and such growing expertise are fused together, the result is truly remarkable. Let's meet one of these growers, Carzan from Kenya, who is proudly growing the Limonium China series that was developed by Royal Van Zanten.

Meet Carzan

Marginpar's farm Carzan is located in Rongai, Nakuru, Kenya. Being within the equator, the nursery enjoys optimal conditions needed to grow quality and fresh flowers annually. It enjoys well-balanced hot and overcast temperatures throughout the year, allowing the farm to achieve the desired production cycle and amount consistently.


Limonium China White
Bouquets of Limonium China Summer

The China Series is a line of new and unique limonium varieties. Dennis Cheruiyot, who is the production unit manager at Carzan farm mentioned during an interview that:

"Limonium China White is a unique variety for us, producing between 16-20 stems per plant, in a total hectare we are expecting about half a million stems, averagely they do a length of 60-70 cm and we are happy with the color spectrum"

Dennis also confirmed that China White is a great competitor to gypsophila, mainly because of its unique trait and the extra yellow tone, making it more desirable to florists and consumers. Another China series variety that’s grown here is China Summer. New exciting China varieties are being tested at the trail site as we speak.


Limonium China White
Limonium China White from Marginpar


The Limonium China series are trendy summer flowers, given that the 1980s trend of incorporating dried limoniums into dramatic bouquets is back. Its vintage look blends well in a dramatic bouquet, softening and adding the desirable depth to it. Independently, Limonium China White and Summer can effortlessly steal the show, thanks to their delicate yet intriguing petals that almost look like paper.

Breeding Excellence Paired With Quality Plants

Royal van Zanten's aim has always been to share their passion through the breeding and propagation of beautiful, inspiring, and sustainable varieties. It is imperative to be in control of these processes to enhance quality, consistency, and reliability. Through the supply of tissue culture plants to their growers, the breeder stays on top of quality issues, giving the grower a head start and optimal experience with their limonium varieties.


Limonium China Summer
Carzan's production manager, Stanley holds young plants of Limonium China Summer


A fusion of breeding excellence, passion for growing, and love for people; this is the right kind of energy from both breeder and the grower. It is the ideal energy needed to breed, propagate, and eventually grow impeccable quality limoniums.

The supply of tissue culture plants to this Marginpar farm ensures that there are no compromises to the intended quality of its limoniums. This contributes to the growing and eventual production of highly appreciated quality limonium

Carzan's production manager, Stanley says:

"We have young plants from Royal van Zanten, these are tissue culture plants that we do get from Holland and we propagate at Plantech when they are ready, they are delivered to the farm, for planting"

Tissue-cultured plants have a robust root formation and foliage, which enhances the growth of the plants. Production is always a major benefit when using tissue culture plants, with the projection of China Summer for instance being an impressive 17-20 stems production in one plant.


Limonium China White
Limonium China Summer ready for harvest


Royal van Zanten's sustainable and profitable growth and Marginpar's mission are geared toward growing people, who in turn grow unique flowers is a strategic approach to the provision of consistent and reliable quality of Limoniums to different markets around the world.

The breeder recognizes the contributions made by Marginpar, specifically its farm, Carzan Flowers in the production of unrivaled quality flowers of Limonium China White and China Summer and the continuous development of new Limonium China varieties, which are still in the pipeline.


All photos courtesy of Carzan KS Farm (part of Marginpar's group of farms).



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