San Francisco is Reopening With Floral Butterflies

Creating streets in full bloom to celebrate the re-opening of small businesses

By: THURSD. | 05-05-2021 | 3 min read

Butterflies landed in San Francisco! On Saturday, May 1st 13 butterflies landed in the streets of San Francisco. (13 large floral Instagram-able butterflies). San Fransisco Butterflies - on Thursd

San Francisco Flower Market Creates Streets in Full Bloom

The City is coming back to life after one of the darkest years in our history. In celebration of the City’s reopening, and Small Business Week in SF, the City of San Francisco, has partnered with the SF Chamber of Commerce and the San Francisco Flower Market to create streets in full bloom.

Floral Butterflies

The SF Flower Market recruited some of the very best floral designers in the Bay Area to create these largescale floral butterflies. The designers let their creative juices flow on this project, and they created amazing works of art. From North Beach to the Bay View, butterflies will be found on our City streets this weekend.

Jeanne Boes

The idea was sparked when Jeanne Boes, General Manager of the San Francisco Flower Market, saw a similar floral art installation on Instagram in New York’s historic Garment District. The designer posted:

“Goal of the campaign is to have social media draw the foot traffic into the neighbourhoods. People will come to take selfies with the butterflies and discover the small businesses that make these neighborhoods uniquely San Francisco.”
Floral Installations in New York.

Kickoff Small Business Week in San Francisco

She presented the idea to Anne Taupier, Acting Director of the Mayor’s Office of Economic & Workforce Development. Director Taupier felt the idea would be perfect to kickoff Small Business Week in SF.

San Fransisco Floral butterflies - Desi Flower Studio - on Thursd

Désirée De Lara is one of the designers on this project and is a 4th generation San Franciscan. She was born and raised in the Castro and she is creating the Castro District’s butterfly. De Lara says:

“This is a wonderful way to bring attention to the flower industry, while supporting local businesses through artistry and celebration.”

Designer Erika Tanchez of Envy Floral Design is calling her piece “Mariposa De Barrio” or Butterfly of the Hood.

“This butterfly symbolizes the transformation I’ve gone through as an individual and with my business over the last 5 years.”


The Floral Designers:

Acme Floral, Anies Charles, Desiree Flower & Design Studio, Envy Floral, Nixon Tran, Paul Robertson, Raul Dueñas Floral & Event Design, Sharla Flock Designs, Sharp Stick Studio, and Stanlee Gatti

About San Francisco Flower Market

The San Francisco Flower Market dates to the late 1800’s in San Francisco. Local flower farmers would bring their products to Lotta’s Fountain in downtown San Francisco and sell on the city streets. The market has relocated four times over the past century and has been at 6th & Brannan Street since 1956. Kilroy Realty bought the property in 2014 and will relocate the SFFM to 16th & Mississippi in 2023. Kilroy is one of this campaign’s sponsors.



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