The Bloom Show Covers WFFSA Women's Day Roundtable 2022

Five leading women in the floral industry come together on women's day to give their views on how to interact with love and passion in the field.

By: THURSD. | 27-03-2022 | 5 min read
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The Bloom Show & Flowers & Cents has covered the WFFSA event in detail in three episodes. The Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association’s 2022 Floral Distribution Conference (FDC) was held in Miami, FL, from March 7th to 9th. The theme was “Breaking Boundaries, Bridging Divides” and brought floral industry leaders together for three days of networking and education.

Whether it was Sahid Nahim and Williee Armellini speaking to the Executive Vice President of the WFFSA, interviewing five extraordinary women in the floral industry, or interviewing industry leaders about marketing, there was a lot to unfold and many great insights into the industry as whole. Overall, The Bloom Show with Flowers & Cents WFFSA Live edition succeeded in doing what it does best – bringing people in the floral industry together to have interesting conversations.

Women's Day Roundtable at WFFSA

Five female leaders in the floral industry, namely Jeanne Boes (General Manager and CEO of the San Francisco Flower Market, and the Incoming VP on the CalFlowers Board), Corrine Heck (CEO and Founder of Details Flowers software), Juana de la Torre (in sales and marketing for Ball SB LLC), Jena Gizerskiy (Sales Manager for North America at Rosaprima), and Laura Shinall (Founder and Managing Partner of FreshPath Marketing). These individuals have different areas of expertise and come from different segments of the floral industry but have a few things in common – their love and passion for the floral industry and being successful women in the field.



An Open Conversation With These Women in Floral Industry

From talking about their skills and how they got into the floral industry to what motivates them to keep working on difficult days, the discussion touched upon each woman’s individual journey and their unique perspective on the floral industry and what makes it special. Something all women touched on is the people in the floral industry and how remarkable they are. From Jeanne Boes fighting to keep businesses’ doors open during the COVID-19 pandemic to Juana de la Torre talking about the passion growers and breeders have for the industry, this episode delved into the challenges within the industry, the grit of the people involved, and how mentorship and collaboration are an essential part of the industry moving in the right direction.


Women's Day Roundtable at The Bloom Show With Sahid Nahim on Thursd


Corrine Heck - CEO and Founder of Details Flowers Software


"I'm a list maker. I really believe that women are the glue holding things together. Having a goal and reaching it, and making new goals...I remember when I had my wedding flower business, I really struggled, and this thought for Details FLowers Software was always in my mind, at least for ten years. So now I did it, and I'm proud of it!"


Jeanne Boes - The General Manager and CEO of the San Francisco Flower Market, and the Incoming VP on the CalFlowers Board


"I have a market where I see young women coming in with their children, how I wish I could nurture them and have our own daycare...Young women coming into the industry have to make sure to have their story together, to have their brand out there. And if barriers arise, there's always a way around."

Juana de la Torre - In Sales and Marketing for Ball SB LLC


"Do what you like and have confidence. And sometimes things just have to get done, it doesn't always have to be perfect. And make sure to set your own priorities: for me, my relax moment, my me-time is running, for somebody else it can be dancing or yoga, but look out to have sort of work-life balance."


Jena Gizerskiy - Sales Manager for North America at Rosaprima


"Believe in yourself and never give up. Shoot for the stars! At WFFSA in June 2021, I had that AHA moment... The hugs were deeper, the talks longer... I was blown away by how resilient our industry was. And I was touched by it. I never want to leave this industry again."


Laura Shinall - Founder and Managing Partner of FreshPath Marketing


"We will have a Women's Group at WFFSA, which will consist of a Facebook group and opportunities for women in the floral industry. To collaborate, to support each other, to mentor, to help each other find our right paths. It's all positive, nothing negative. And it's open for all women. And what my personal advice is for all of you: don't wait to be asked, jump in, get involved."



The Bloom Show


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