Mother's Day, Spring, and Summer Blossom in San Francisco's Union Square

The event that enlivens the heart of the city by the Bay this spring and summer leads up to a grand Mother’s Day Celebration.

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Floral Events
Floral displays at Union Square in Bloom

Like fresh spring bulbs bursting forth following a long, damp winter, San Francisco's 'Union Square in Bloom' has been live since March 23rd and will run until late August for all the flower enthusiasts out there. returns for its third year with oversized floral displays cascading from area hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops, along with special offerings highlighting Union Square’s rich floral history and blooming rebirth.

This May 2024, leading up to a grand Mother’s Day Celebration on Sunday, May 12th, you can take a curated passport through all the flowers and attractions, and best of all, include your mom in every flourishing plan! Union Square will be in 'full bloom' with numerous floral displays, welcoming residents, workers, and visitors to the Union Plaza in San Francisco.

Union Square in Full Bloom for Mother's Day, Spring, and Summer Seasons

Union Square in Bloom, which debuted in 2022, honors the neighborhood's floral heritage while adding a contemporary touch. Maiden Lane is an attractive alleyway with a historic feel. For decades, people walking through it were given flowers, especially daffodils. Several flower stands adorned the district when Macy's held its yearly flower show, which was first held in 1964.


Train in Union Square decorated with flowers
City train decorated with flowers for Union Square in Bloom

Union Square in Bloom honors Union Square's floral heritage while enticing locals, employees, and tourists to rediscover and enjoy our lively, comprehensive offerings, which include theater, dining options, shopping centers, hotels, fashion boutiques, nightlife, and more. The event is sponsored by the Union Square Alliance, and just like previous years, the event is very special in its own way given there are many days and activities to be a part of, especially now that Mother's Day is coming up in May.


Bvlgari store enhanced with flowers in Union Square
Bvlgari store enhanced with flowers in Union Square in Bloom 2023


Marisa Rodriguez, CEO of the Union Square Alliance said:

"Union Square in Bloom is about bringing bright color, beauty, and positive energy to San Francisco’s iconic center. Dozens of spectacular floral displays and interactive programming will create a cohesive theme throughout the district. This is just the beginning of a strong tradition we hope to continue year after year."


Colorful flowers decorating a bus stop
Colorful flowers decorating a bus stop in Union Square


Rodriguez’s optimism is given proof by increased tourism, newly opened retail outlets in the district, and the popularity of 'American Tulip Day' which brought tens of thousands of people to the Square to take home free tulips.

She expresses:

"Union Square has a long history as a hub for floral art and engagement. For decades, flowers, particularly daffodils, were handed out to visitors walking through Maiden Lane. This year, once again, Union Square is back, and ready to show off its budding treasures."


Walking through Maiden Lane with flowers
Maiden Lane flower display


Mother's Day Celebration

With a range of lively and captivating events, programs, and promotions, the Union Square district is embracing the season. These include a Mother's Day celebration, a 'Bloom Passport', and a 'Bloom's and Bubbles Bar Crawl'.


Mothers Day celebration at Union Square in Bloom


For the next several weeks, dozens of area businesses are planting the seeds for a floral explosion culminating Mother’s Day weekend. On Mother’s Day Sunday, May 12th, from 3-6 pm, you can come to Union Square Plaza and join fellow families in honoring the phenomenal women who hold a special place in our hearts — moms! This event is the perfect occasion to shower them with all the love and appreciation they deserve while enjoying a fashion show and salsa dancing.


Beacon Grand Hotel with flowers
Beacon Grand Hotel with flowers for Union Square in Bloom


Bloom Passports

Also launching on Mother's Day weekend are unique Union Square 'Bloom Passports', encouraging visitors to explore the floral displays, and visit shops and restaurants. The Passport includes a family-friendly adventure of discovery, floral education, and interactive games. Your guide to seeing the many floral installations around the district is the Bloom Passport. Discovering and supporting local businesses is a fun opportunity that this presents. Take in as much of the sights as you can between March 23 and August 17. Every place has a QR code, and you should write down the mystery word that appears when you scan the code in your passport.


Union Square in Bloom Passport


At the Bloom Finale event on August 17, you can turn in your passport for a chance to win two tickets on United Airlines. The passport books are already digitally available to download from Union Square Alliance's website.


Westin St Francis hotel in Union Square in Bloom
Flower display for the Westin St. Francis Hotel


Rodriguez says:

"Whether it's a bloom trail guide for youth, floral fashion shows for the adults, or special ‘staycation’ hotel packages for the whole family, Union Square will be the place to celebrate the beauty and diversity of San Francisco this spring and summer."


Union Square in Bloom Parc 55 on Thursd
Union Square in Bloom at Hotel Parc 55


Union Square in Bloom The Westin Hotel on Thursd
Hotel The Westin St. Francis


May 11 - The Reveal of Bloom 2024 Gown

The magnificent Bloom Gown, created by well-known Chinese-American couturière Colleen Quen and supported by Union Square's legacy company and storied San Francisco institution Britex Fabrics, makes its public debut on Mother's Day. A ten-year career in design for well-known companies like Wilkes Sport, Eileen West, Gap, and others has defined Colleen's path. Her couture creations, which depict the subtle blossoming of flowers and the serene beauty of butterflies, are influenced by natural themes. The 2022 Miss California, Catherine Liang, a former Miss Chinatown with hair and makeup done by Blake Charles Salon, is this year's muse. View it through August 17th at Britex's windows.


Colleen Quen designer of Union in Bloom gown
Colleen Quen (right) designer of Union in Bloom 2024 Gown


About the Union Square Alliance

The Union Square Alliance serves members and creates a high-quality visitor experience by managing and activating public spaces, attracting new investment, and advocating for the District’s future success. Union Square is the vibrant heart of San Francisco and an international destination where visitors come to enjoy exceptional retail experiences, luxury hotels, world-class cultural institutions, and great public spaces found only in the City by the Bay. A lively 27-block community surrounding Union Square Park in the heart of San Francisco makes up the Union Square Alliance. It is generally bordered on the north by Bush Street, on the east by Kearny Street, on the south by Market Street, and the west by Taylor Street.


Union Square in Bloom green logo on Thursd
Union Square in Bloom 2023


To know more about specific events, dates, times, additional sponsors, and programs that are added, updated information will be available online at Union Square Alliance's website.


All photos courtesy of Union Square Alliance.



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