A Burgeoning Floral Trend - Saudi Arabia's Budding Florists and Flower Shops

The flower, floristry, and floral design ideas in the Middle East country have grown significantly in recent years.

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Florists and Flower Shops in Saudi Arabia

With the rich cultural tradition of gifting flowers on various occasions elsewhere across the world, Saudi Arabia’s demand for exquisite flowers and floral arrangements has, likewise, soared especially with the continuing efforts to inculcate the flower culture in the country. The flower, floristry, and floral design ideas in Saudi Arabia have progressed significantly in recent years, reflecting the country's growing interest in the art and aesthetics of flowers. 

Across the Middle East country, florists and potential flower investors are embracing modern floral design trends while incorporating traditional elements therein, to create unique and culturally relevant arrangements. The Saudi flower industry incorporates a wide range of styles - from classic and elegant to contemporary and avant-garde — with florists often drawing inspiration from local and international influences that combine traditional Middle Eastern floral themes with contemporary global trends. 

The Burgeoning Saudi Flower Industry

Florists in the country often work closely with clients to understand their preferences, occasion, and desired aesthetics, creating bespoke arrangements that reflect their vision.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
A mixed flower bouquet from @50flowersaa


From extravagant decorations to intimate and delicate bouquets, they excel in capturing the essence and sentiment of events, and this results in visually fascinating arrangements that appeal to the diverse tastes of different customers.

While local flowers such as roses, jasmine, and orchids have, for long, been popular choices, there is also a wide variety of imported flowers available to meet the demands of customers seeking exotic blooms. The blend of local and imported flowers allows florists to offer varied options and availability of flowers all through the year.

The industry has, also, incorporated technology and online platforms for flower ordering and delivery services. Most flower shops and florists in Saudi Arabia have developed user-friendly websites and mobile applications, allowing customers to conveniently browse through their floral collections, place orders, and schedule deliveries. This digital presence has expanded the reach of florists beyond their physical locations, enabling them to cater to customers from far and wide.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @sumiflorals


Furthermore, florists in Saudi Arabia have recognized the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Many such businesses strive to check and reduce their carbon footprint through efficient transportation and implementing eco-friendly packaging options. This eco-conscious approach aligns with the global trend of environmentally responsible practices in the floral industry.

A Look at Key Flower Shops and Florists in Saudi Arabia

The Middle East country certainly has lots of floral delights. Its flower industry appears to be on an upward trajectory. There are numerous flower shops, florists, and flower delivery services that, practically, afford anyone whichever flowers and bouquets they desire.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @azizalnomanflowers


So, here are some players in the country’s floral scene.


Flory, an innovative company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is a flower enterprise that is revolutionizing the floral scene in the country, and enhancing the way the beauty of flowers is brought to people's everyday lives. With a mission to democratize access to fresh and diverse flowers, Flory is transforming the flower game and reimagining the culture of flowers in Saudi Arabia.

Its approach to the Saudi flower industry is driven by the belief that arranging flowers should be a delightful experience for everyone. Hence, its online platform provides numerous floral offerings including a DIY flower market where customers can explore a wide selection of fresh, long-lasting flowers and unleash their inner florist. Here, one can realize the joy that comes with creating their own stunning floral bouquet or an arrangement that reflects one’s personality and style.


Flory Is one Saudi Arabia's Leading Flower Shops
An exquisite floral ambiance depicted by Saudi Arabia's growing flower culture.
Photo by @life.of.ammara and @flory.ksa


And more than that, Flory's influence goes beyond providing beautiful flowers. The company is also actively involved in the floral community and collaborates with different industry professionals in the country, affirming its enthusiasm for nurturing a thriving floral culture in Saudi Arabia.

To showcase its innovative approach and introduce its vision to the world, Flory hosted a fabulous launch event in Jeddah, in an event held at the historic Sharbatly House. Here, floral colors, textures, and fragrances, all, blended to create quite an unforgettable experience.

The launch exemplified Flory's dedication to floral excellence, passion for flowers, and assurance to transform the floral industry, making it a true game-changer in Saudi Arabia’s flower scene. This flower enterprise, basically, brings a fresh twist to the Saudi floral scene, making flowers an integral part of everyday life. In essence, with Flory, anyone can become an artist and create stunning floral masterpieces!


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @flory.ksa and @life.of.ammara


Riyadh Florist (

Operating from the capital city, Riyadh Florist is an online florist and gift shop renowned for its exceptional flower delivery services. This online flower shop offers a wide range of floral arrangements, including bouquets, flower boxes, and custom-made designs. 

With a focus on quality and freshness, Riyadh Florist ensures that every order is well and carefully crafted to surpass its customers’ expectations. It delivers a large selection of flower bouquets, fruit baskets and fruit basket packages, teddy bears, gifts and gift items, cakes, and cake packages, as well as goodies such as red wine, white wine, chocolates, candies, and candy products. 

Flowers can be arranged for any occasion such as birthdays, celebrations, events, ceremonies, grand openings, farewells, sympathy, funerals, housewarmings, business gifts, anniversaries, and baby births in hospitals. 


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by Riyadh Florist


This flower enterprise also arranges flowers for special holidays such as New Year, Mother's Day, Secretary's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Father's Day. And although previously not well recognized in the country, Valentine’s Day is also becoming a hit for flower shops. And Riyadh Florist – alongside others - capitalizes on this new development as well.

Maison Des Fleurs

Situated in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Maison Des Fleurs is a luxury flower shop that goes beyond the confines of traditional flower arrangements with its pursuance of floral beauty, creativity, and quality. For this reason, the flower shop has become synonymous with floral elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. It prides itself on its ability to curate stunning blooms that are more than just mere flowers, creating enduring remembrances for its patrons.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @maisondesfleursofficial


Are you in search of fresh flowers, long-life roses, or stunning orchids? The Maison Des Fleurs is definitely the place to go as it offers an extensive range of choices that both charm and captivate. Its collection includes all floral products that ensure that every customer finds the perfect arrangement for their desired occasion.

Also, at this flower shop, customization is at the heart of its floral offerings. With options like ‘Long Life Roses in a Round Box,’ patrons can personalize their floral arrangements by selecting the combination of box and flowers that best suits their taste or occasion, ensuring a really unique and personalized experience for the customer.

Others like the delicate pastel hues of ‘50 Shades of Pink’ to the romantic ensemble of ‘A Night in Paris,’ all create a unique expression of emotions, designed to make every customer’s moments memorable. The flower shop also caters to corporate events, weddings, and home floral decor, adding a touch of stylishness to any of these settings.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
An autumn-themed floral arrangement by @maisondesfleursofficial


Maison Des Fleurs, also, prides itself in its exceptional services, including free next-day and same-day flower delivery services, which ensures that every floral arrangement arrives fresh and on time. Its experienced staff, likewise, offers professional advice and personalized assistance, to ensure customers’ delightful experience.

Little Flora

Little Flora is a prominent flower shop in Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of exquisite flowers and gifts for, basically, every occasion. This flower shop has established itself as the premier marketplace to acquire flowers and gifts, whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion.

Through its online platform, customers can conveniently browse through a vast collection of floral arrangements and place orders. It guarantees that all customers’ flowers arrive fresh, in perfect shape, and absolutely stunning on the date one chooses. Plus, the skilled florists take great care in creating custom floral arrangements to match any specification.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @littlefloraksa


Its flower selection is, also, truly impressive, coming in an extensive variety of colors and types, including red, yellow, purple, orange, white, blue, pink, peach, and green flowers. If you prefer roses, tulips, orchids, or sunflowers, at Little Flora, you’re almost certain to find the perfect blooms to suit your taste and occasion.

In addition to flowers, Little Flora also offers a range of gift options to complement your floral purchase. These include special combos, indoor plants, flowers with chocolates, add-ons, oud perfumes, balloons, and cakes. The flower shop thoughtfully creates these gift options to provide customers with a one-stop shopping experience for all their floral and gifting needs.

The flower shop is also keen on offering exceptional customer service. From the moment one visits its website, they are greeted with a user-friendly interface that allows for effortless navigation; be it bridal bouquets, hand bouquets, basket arrangements, or custom designs, that one is looking for.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @littlefloraksa


Additionally, Little Flora prides itself on its fast and reliable delivery service, as it understands the significance of timely delivery. The enthusiastic team, therefore, ensures that orders reach their destinations on time. It also offers same-day delivery within Riyadh, making it convenient for customers who need last-minute gifts.

Arabian Flora

Arabian Flora, a renowned flower delivery service, takes pride in offering the freshest and most exotic flowers sourced from around the world. With a wide range of lovely bouquets, it delivers these beautiful blooms to people across the (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. 

You can, for instance, spread love and cheer to Bahrain or Qatar by sending flowers and cakes online through Arabian Flora. You can also set hearts aflutter in Oman by sending a delightful combination of chocolates and flowers through Arabian Flora. And in all these, rest assured that the flowers (or any other item) will be delivered at its optimal quality and punctually.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @arabianflora


This florist also operates in multiple cities including Dammam and Riyadh, and is distinguished in the Saudi Arabian flower industry, especially for its supply of varied kinds of beautiful flowers from different regions across the world.

Arabian Flora’s assurance of providing exceptional service and top-quality products has made it one of the most trusted names in the industry. 

Abdulaziz AlNoman Floral Design Boutique & Studio

A brainchild of Abdulaziz AlNoman, one of the most famous floral designers in Saudi Arabia, whose designs make sure flowers perfectly express bridal dreams, Abdulaziz AlNoman Floral Design Boutique and Studio in Jeddah is yet another establishment that the Saudi flower industry has to offer.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Florist and floral designer Abdulaziz AlNoman.
Photo by @azizalnomanflowers


Through Abdulaziz AlNoman Floral Design Boutique and Studio, AlNoman, who started as an engineering student with a passion for flowers, has established a strong impact in the country’s flower design industry and is now well esteemed in the country’s flower scene. Over the years, he has acquired vast knowledge and enhanced his skills and education from the best designers around the world, which has earned him great repute.

The unique flower boutique is known for its exceptional flowers and wedding and bridal floral designs, thanks to AlNoman’s unique taste and knowledge in the field. 


“All my clients come to me knowing that I can provide them with one-of-a-kind designs with flowers that are brought especially to my boutique from Holland. The flower arrangement market is a huge market in Saudi Arabia.”


Floral designer Abdulaziz Al-Noman
Floral designer Abdulaziz AlNoman.
Photo by @azizalnoman


The flower design shop features products including flower arrangement vases, hand bouquets, mixed-color flower boxes, mixed-color flower vases, Mother’s Day packages, and many other floral products. One can also peruse its online store for their desired floral products.

Flowers to Saudi Arabia 

Established in 1996, Flowers to Saudi Arabia, which is part of Flying Roses, has years of experience and expertise in the gift-giving process; more so when it comes to flowers. Its online shop offers exquisite ideas for flowers and other items; be it fresh flowers, plants, balloons, gourmet food, plush, candles, or other great special gifts. 

From its wide collection, one can choose from gorgeous roses and flower arrangements to make distances shorter and to bring links between loved ones close. With its Same Day Flower Delivery Guarantee, customers can easily surprise their loved ones anywhere. Orders must, however, be placed by 11 am recipient’s time for the same-day flower delivery to be effective. 


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by


All products at Flowers to Saudi Arabia are specially selected from the best sources, therefore, customers can be sure that they send and receive only the best flower arrangements, fresh bouquets, red roses, orchids, green plants, or singular blooming plants. Gifts for all occasions, such as chocolates, balloons, teddy bears, and fruit baskets, are also available.

For sad occasions, the flower shop helps customers choose the right flower arrangements as the team understands that such moments are difficult. Furthermore, the flower shop delivers to nearly all cities across the country.

Ferns N Petals (FNP) Saudi Arabia

Founded in India in 1994, Ferns N Petals (a.k.a. FNP) has grown to be a front-runner in the flowers, cakes, and gifts online marketplace in India and worldwide. It has, also, grown to be one of the largest online gifting portals.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by


And now, with a presence in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) since 2021, after setting a strong foothold in the UAE some six years back, Ferns N Petals offers an extensive collection of flowers and additional gifts such as cakes, balloons, and chocolates for its Saudi clientele.

With its physical presence in the Saudi market, Ferns N Petals is able to make a huge impact and build a trustable bond with several new customers through its products including flower arrangements, cakes, Arabic sweets, spectacular combos, extravagant hampers, personalized gifts, soothing indoor and outdoor plants and more. 

Apart from a wide range of impressive gifts, the enterprise, also, offers same-day delivery and midnight delivery across Saudi Arabia, hence customers can afford hassle-free delivery for all gifts in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Medina, Mecca, Tabuk, Taif, Ranbu, and other cities.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by


Plus, its team of talented floral designers can create different attractive floral arrangements that suit the client’s needs for various events.

SUMI Florals

If bespoke designs and statement floral pieces are your style for any occasion, then SUMI Florals is, definitely, the place to go for your floral needs. SUMI sources the best flower collections for those special moments in life that require a little extra and strives to fashion a unique and striking look that works pleasantly with your space and theme.

From stylishly minimalist to luxuriously lavish, SUMI’s unique floral arrangements are perfect for any occasion; be it for a loved one or a friend. The carefully hand-crafted bouquets, definitely, keep customers elated all year round, and the collections range from budget-friendly to premium selections.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @sumiflorals


The flower shop, also, offers one-on-one consultations with its clients so that its designers can adapt each delivery to the customer’s specific needs and preferences, regardless of the plans and designs that one has in mind.


“At SUMI Florals, we aim to push boundaries and create arrangements that go beyond traditional floristry. We spend our days creating beautiful arrangements that you’re sure to love and enjoy. We offer a wonderful variety of fresh-cut flowers, gorgeous arrangements, and specialty products. Our clients have the chance to select from a large assortment of options that are suitable for every occasion.”


Floward is a leading online flower and gifting company in the Middle East and the UK founded in 2017, and within five years, expanding its operations to include nine countries, including Kuwait, the UK, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and, of course, Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @flowardco


The company, which has a presence in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, currently procures flowers from different parts of the world, has them couriered to its facilities, shoots the arrangements, and pushes them on its site and app. 

In addition to its in-house designs, Floward also works with some renowned designers in the region to create different arrangements and also partners with great regional and international brands to complement its product assortment with chocolates, cakes, Arabic sweets, and perfumes. 

When a customer, for instance, places an order, Floward’s staff prepares the arrangement and delivers it on the same day using its own last-mile delivery team; usually in an average order dispatch time of one to four hours depending on the city where the customer is.

Floward, therefore, prides itself in creating an all-in-one and advanced experience for its customers and is keen on making the process of sending flowers and gifts as enjoyable, just as receiving them is.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @flowardco



“We make sure to source our flowers daily from the best ethical growers and farmers around the world to create stunning arrangements and plants that fit every occasion.”


Flora2000 is a renowned flower shop that offers online flower delivery services in Saudi Arabia. With a wide selection of handcrafted flowers and gifts, Flora2000 allows you to send the perfect floral arrangements and hampers to loved ones in the capital, Riyadh, and its neighborhoods like Al Murabba`, Al Washam, An Namudhajiyah, Al Wizarat, Ad Dubbat, As Salamah, Al `Amal, Al Futah, Thulaym, Al Marqab, Ad Dirah, Umm Salim, As Salihiyah, Al `Ud, Al Batha’, Al Ma`kal, Ash Shumaysi, Jabrah. It also delivers to Jeddah, Makkah, Medina, Taif, and other cities across Saudi Arabia.

One of the key aspects of Flora2000 is its network of local florists and flower shops, ensuring that the flowers are hand-delivered by professionals who understand the art of floral arrangement. This not only guarantees the freshness and quality of the flowers but also adds a personal touch to the delivery.


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @theflora2000


The flower shop, also, has a variety of options to choose from. From classic roses and elegant lilies to vibrant carnations and mixed bouquets, one can find the perfect flowers to express their feelings. Plus, it has a website that allows you to browse different categories such as occasions, best sellers, and special offers, making it convenient to find the ideal floral gift.

The website provides a secure transaction process, guaranteeing that personal and financial information is protected. Additionally, the shop assures on-time delivery and offers customer support, for its customers’ peace of mind. And with its wide selection of beautiful flowers, handcrafted arrangements, and reliable delivery service, Flora2000 keeps on attracting even more customers.

A Growing Flower Culture in Saudi Arabia

These diverse flower shops, flower delivery services, and florists are, by far, not all-encompassing of the entire Saudi Arabia floristry and floral design industry. 


Saudi Arabia's Florists and Flower Shops
Photo by @50flowersaa


There are many more that cater to the growing demand for exquisite floral arrangements in the country ensuring that customers have access to a wide range of options for every occasion.


Feature image by @flowardco and header image by @sumiflorals.



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