A Fabulous Event in Jeddah - Flory Is Ready to Launch!

See how they're bringing a fresh twist to Saudi Arabia's Floral Scene.

By: THURSD. | 17-03-2024 | 6 min read
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In a kingdom where flowers traditionally adorn celebrations and events, the concept of integrating blooms into daily life, from home décor to DIY projects and beyond, remains a novelty. Saudi Arabia's local flower shops, constrained by a limited variety, have struggled to meet a demand barely articulated.

Enter FLORY, a visionary company set to infuse Saudi Arabia's floral scene with a breath of fresh air. Addressing the gap between the grandeur of event floristry and the personal touch of everyday flower use, FLORY is on a mission to democratize access to fresh, diverse flowers. By pioneering an innovative approach to sourcing and selling flowers, FLORY is not just changing the game — it's reimagining the very culture of flowers in Saudi Arabia, making them a staple of everyday life, from weddings to windowsills.

Given the broader societal shifts in Saudi Arabia, it's logical to infer that this impacts consumer behavior across multiple industries, including the floral market. FLORY takes the lead in creating diversification in the floral industry's offerings and customer base. The overall trend suggests an increase in demand for flowers for personal, social, and ceremonial purposes, bringing new perspectives and innovations.

Launch Event FLORY

To introduce the new concepts, this March 20-22, FLORY will host a launch event.

The event takes place within the walls of the historic Sharbatly House in Al Balad, Jeddah. Here, an exquisite tableau is set to unfold, transforming the space into a place where flowers take center stage. The event's heart lies in vase displays, not merely as decorations but as storytellers, weaving a tapestry of beauty and tradition through his ancestral abode.


How the Flory yourney started


Regine Motmans, the 'floral connector' at Thursd:

"The aim is to evoke a sense of warmth and intimacy, creating a 'home' within a house celebrated for its historical significance, especially on the days of the event."

This upcoming FLORY Launch event will be fabulous. Their journey began with a simple idea: to make flowers an everyday joy for everyone. FLORY isn't just about flowers; it's about making them part of your daily life, easily and affordably. FLORY is happy with the collaborations growing and excited about the potential of working with Thursd, and its extensive global network of flower industry professionals.


"Given the venue's storied past and the inherent limitations on capacity—restricting attendance to a maximum of 200 guests at any given time—the challenge lies in crafting an environment that is both welcoming and exclusive, ensuring each guest feels the personal touch and the collective embrace of history and the beauty of a wide range of flowers."

A Fresh Twist to the Floral Scene in Saudi Arabia

The event is imagined by the people from FLORY and Thursd as an immersive experience, showcasing a wide range of flowers, some of which are new to the country. As Regine Motmans foresees the event:

"As attendees wander through the spaces, they'll find themselves on a sensory journey, where colors, textures, and fragrances blend to create an immersive experience. The flowers, in their silent eloquence, serve as examples of what the flower industry in Saudi Arabia can be, offering glimpses into the future of floristry, within the history and the heart that beats within the walls of the historic house. In this setting, the event becomes more than an occasion; it becomes a moment in time, suspended in the ethereal beauty of floral artistry, inviting all who enter to pause, reflect, and connect with the beauty that surrounds them."

You must see how FLORY is bringing a fresh twist to Saudi Arabia's Floral Scene. And, of course, their online platform with many flowers to 'unleash your inner florist'.


Flory unleashes your inner florist


About Sharbatly House Al Balad

Sharbatly House in Al Balad, Jeddah, is a historical gem that showcases the architectural grandeur of old Jeddah. Constructed in 1910 by Al-Sharif Abdulilah Mihanna Al-Abdaly, it was later acquired by Sheikh Abdullah Sharbatly. The house, known for its whitewashed façade, enchanting wooden lattice balconies, mashrabbiya, and rawshan wood design, stands as a four-story embodiment of Hijazi-style architecture. Over the years, it served as the headquarters of the Egyptian mission to the Kingdom for two decades. Following restoration efforts to preserve its identity, Sharbatly House has been repurposed as a venue for art exhibits and various events, maintaining its status as a cultural focal point within the Jeddah community*.

And for a few days in March, it becomes the focal point for an emerging flower culture within the Kingdom. Arnold Wittkamp, CEO, and Chief Futurist at Thursd:

"To me, it is really interesting to see how FLORY aims to build flower culture in the Kingdom. I am proud we can contribute a bit, and very excited to bring and connect our expertise, network, knowledge, and floral friends to FLORY. I foresee many opportunities for them."


Sharbatly House Al Balad Flory Launch



FLORY is committed to fostering a robust and enduring partnership with Thursd, envisioning this collaboration as the inaugural event of what will become an annual tradition. At the heart of this union is Regine Motmans, Floral Connecter at Thursd, whose unparalleled expertise in orchestrating major events, such as Fleuramour at the illustrious Castle of Alden Biesen in Belgium, positions her as a pivotal figure in realizing our vision. Motmans brings to the table a refined concept that promises to showcase an assortment of flowers in their most natural glory. Attendees can look forward to a curated selection of inspirational designs, alongside engaging demonstrations and workshops that promise to enrich and inspire.


Invitation Flory Launch in Collaboration With Thursd


Program Launch Event Flory

March, 20: Bouquet Crafting for Beginners

'Bouquet Crafting 101: Artistry in Your Hands'

Overview: This workshop is perfect for flower lovers eager to learn the art of bouquet making. Led by skilled florists, participants will explore color theory, texture combinations, and bouquet structuring using a variety of fresh blooms from FLORY's extensive collection.

Key Activities:

March, 21: Floral Arrangements for Spaces and Events

'Floral Decor: Beautifying Spaces and Celebrations'

Overview: This workshop invites flower enthusiasts to delve into the world of floral decor. Attendees will learn how to design and create floral arrangements suited for various spaces — from cozy home corners to grand event venues — all while considering the ambiance, theme, and spatial dynamics.

Key Activities:

Outcome: Participants will develop an eye for design and the skills to transform spaces with flowers.

March, 22: Advanced Techniques for Professional Florists

'Masterclass: Elevating Artistry in Floristry'

Overview: Aimed at professional florists, this workshop will cover advanced techniques and trends in the floral industry. Utilizing FLORY's wide array of exotic and classic flowers, it offers a deep dive into innovative arrangement styles, sustainability in floristry, and tips for growing one's floristry business.

Key Activities:

Outcome: Professional florists will enhance their technical skills, gain fresh ideas for sustainable practices, and network with industry peers, all while broadening their design repertoire.


*sources: About her, and Wafy.



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