Scabiosa Red Velvet Scoop® Fits Perfectly in the Thursd Floral Trend Color Palette 2023

Scabiosa in autumn: sumptuous and versatile. And a promising color for the coming year.

By: THURSD. | 24-11-2022 | 4 min read
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Marginpar Flowers in a BLOOM's Design on Thursd

After a revival by breeder Danziger, Scabiosa is back in a big way. And not only that; it is climbing up the favorites list of many florists. And we can see why! Grower Marginpar has a large assortment of these beauts in the Thursd Trend Color Palette 2023.

Scabiosa Red Velvet Scoop® Is a Perfect Match With the Floral Trend Color

Lovely soft cushions of flowers are dancing in floral arrangements. Scabiosa is the name. We notice the darker varieties in designs during the cold winter months, while the lighter colors are favorites for springtime romantic wedding arrangements. In summer, anything goes and everything is possible. And autumn is the perfect time to set the trend for the coming period. Thursd launched its floral trend color palette last week: Passion Red. Scabiosa Red Velvet Scoop® is a match, and what about the other varieties? 


Trend Color Palette in a BLOOM's Design With Marginpar Flowers on Thursd
Photography: BLOOM's Medien


For Every Season 

Above an airy design for every season. Holes have been drilled in the wooden disc and water tubes were inserted. Inside the tubes a combination of Scabiosa, Clematis, and Sanguisorba. At the bottom, dried tendrils, leaves, and acorns make it an autumn piece, but one can also easily imagine this piece as a spring design, with green tendrils at the bottom and little decorative eggs. 


Playful Fall Design by BLOOM's on Thursd
Scabiosa: Lavender Hoop Scoop®, Blackberry Scoop®, Dark Cherry Scoop®, French Vanilla Scoop®, Sweet Cherry Scoop®, Focal Scoop™ Bicolor Pink.


The season of falling leaves, chestnuts, and lovely walks in the forest. Of stomping in puddles, red wine by the fireplace, and glowing cheeks from the fresh air. And then when it's really too wet to go outside, you get to enjoy fall designs on the table.  

The combination of Talinum Long John with the Scabiosa in passion red, bright peach, warm cream, and lavender, on a dusty turquoise background and showing them off on an earthy brown table sets the trend for next year. Indulge yourself in these trends for 2023.

A Technical Highlight

So why is this composition so interesting to look at? Besides the choice of color, with the Scabiosa Red Velvet Scoop® begging for attention, it is certainly also because of the technique. The bouquet is tied in parallel, with the stems descending in a straight line. The contrast between sleek at the bottom and wild on top creates a pleasant tension. The choice of a bowl instead of a vase completes the composition.


Technical Arrangement With Scabiosa Red Velvet Scoop on Thursd
Chasmantium Latifolium Mantis, Clematis Amazing® Kibo, Clematis Amazing® London, Scabiosa Lavender Scoop® and Scabiosa Red Velvet Scoop®



Nice & Airy

The airiness in this design is just plain bliss, isn't it? In a beautiful base of natural autumn decoration, small acorns, chestnut husks... After which your gaze is drawn upwards by the vertical lines of stems to the top of the design. A cuddly layer of soft Scabiosa, playful Sanguisorba Red Dream® spikes, and the fluffy Clematis Amazing® Kibo. The leaves of the Kibo have been removed so that it forms a nice unity with the leafless stems of Sanguisorba and Scabiosa. 


BLOOM's Design With Marginpar Flowers in the Floral Trend Color on Thursd
A Marginpar Photoshoot


Marginpar Scabiosa Scoop on Thursd


Thursd Reveals Its Trend Color 2023 - Passion Red


Quote Thursd Trend Color 2023 Passion Red


The Meaning of the Floral Trend Color Palette 2023

The floral trend color palette 2023 has a bright peach following the passion red. Peach is a playful color that stands for vitality and energy. Peach finds its origin in nature and this bright peach is an encouraging color. The peach is followed by a warm creamy hue. Cream is a soft yet warm color and highlights personality and calm. As our soil is so important to us, this earthy brown color could not be missed in the palette. The Earth is our most precious gift and our passion must make sure we take care of this planet. Brown is the color of resilience and strength. Lavender stands for purity, silence, devotion, and serenity. And last but not least the dusty turquoise: the color of our oceans. We strive for clean waters. Turquoise is the color of emotional balance. May we find a passion for balance in our lives for our planet, and for the future. 


Thursd Floral Trend Color Palette 2023 on Thursd





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