Sollinea® Gives You the Indian Summer Vibes

It's the perfect time to introduce this sunny charmer into your interior.

By: THURSD. | 27-09-2023 | 4 min read
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Calling all plant-loving millennials! Say hello to Sollinea® – the sun-shaped beauty that’s all about brightening up your space.

Indian Summer Interior Vibes With Sollinea®

As the northern hemisphere transitions into the warmth of an Indian summer, it’s time to bring some sunshine into your home and introduce the Sollinea® – the sun-shaped flower that embodies the very essence of the sun. Inspired by its symbolic meaning, Sollinea® is all about radiating light with its bright and colorful flowers.


Sollinea Nomad Fresh Pink
Sollinea® Nomad Fresh Pink


Create Your Serene Retreat

Did you know that flowers and plants make people happy and feel more relaxed? Plants are never redundant in a room, especially not when they smile at you like the Sollinea® does. Using these vibrant plants, you create instantly a serene sanctuary for your yoga and spiritual practices. Its sun-like petals and radiant aura make it the perfect companion for finding inner peace.

Combine soft golden-toned accessories and pots with pink Himalaya salt crystal candle holders for a warm after-summer glow. Embrace the essence of the sun, as Sollinea® encourages spiritual growth and illumination, just like its Japanese and Chinese symbolism.

Did you say Japanese and Chinese symbolism? Yes! Sollinea® is a unique word crafted by the breeders of Royal Van Zanten, who drew inspiration from the sun’s symbolism in various cultures. In Japan, this flower represents the sun and light, symbolizing immortality. In China, it’s known as 'the essence of the sun'. With flowers that are shaped like miniature suns, and petals resembling sunbeams, Sollinea® is your radiant companion, bringing the sun's power into your life.


Sollinea Luna
Sollinea® Luna


Create Your Bohemian Haven

The wide assortment of Sollinea® has all the colors of today, enabling you to create your interior of today. How about a beautiful boho style?

Whether you’re decorating a cozy corner with vintage rugs and textured fabrics or you’re creating a lush (indoor) garden paradise with dreamcatchers and eclectic planters, Sollinea® seamlessly integrates into your Bohemian haven.


Sollinea Nomad Coral
Sollinea® Nomad Coral


Create Your Sunny Outdoor Delights

Sollinea® thrives both indoors and outdoors, making it the ideal choice for interior junkies who love to blur the lines between the interior and exterior spaces.

Step into your sunny outdoor oasis with Sollinea®. These sunbeam-inspired blooms are perfect for adding a touch of radiance to your patio, garden, balcony, or any other outdoor space. Whether they’re in decorative pots on your balcony or planted in your garden beds, Sollinea® brings the sun’s vitality right to your doorstep.

Just mind to bring your Sollinea® plants inside when the temperature drops below 5 °C.


Sollinea Loki Pink
Sollinea® Loki Pink


Have It Your Way

So, do you long for some infusion of Indian summer warmth into your interior, are you seeking a spark of spiritual enlightenment, or is it high time to brighten up your garden to a sunny state? Let Sollinea® be your radiant source of inspiration.

You can pick your selection, mix & match as you please: Sollinea® Loki Red, Luna, Pink Blush, Loki Pink, Nomad Fresh Pink, and Nomad Coral. You know when you are happy with the result.


Top row: Sollinea® Loki Red, Luna, and  Pink Blush.
Bottom row: Sollinea® Loki Pink, Nomad Fresh Pink, and Nomad Coral.


Sollinea® Care Tips

Sollinea® is an eye-catching blooming indoor and outdoor plant (5-25 °C). With her unique flower shape, she is a stand-out in any garden or inside your home. She doesn’t need a lot of care, just sunlight and water.

Where to Buy

Sollinea® is a product by breeder Royal Van Zanten. For more information on trade, retailers, and garden centers can contact these growers: Ammerlaan-Sosef (NL), SV.CO (NL), Glowacki (PL), Ansari/Schetelig (FI) or Welzel Gartenbau (DE).


Header image is Sollinea® Loki Red. All photos courtesy of Royal Van Zanten.





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