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Sollinea® Nomad Fresh Pink

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About Sollinea® Nomad Fresh Pink

Romantic pink blooming sunbeams to use as house decor.

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Sollinea® Nomad Fresh Pink

The flowers on Sollinea® Nomad Fresh Pink are romantic pink blooming sunbeams. The uniquely soft, yet fresh pink color featured in this plant makes it an optimal gift or option to use as house decor.

Outdoor and Indoor Plant

Sollinea® is very versatile and therefore can be placed indoors and outdoors. They work perfectly to place in spots such as gardens, patios, or balconies, plus they'll really add the perfect dose of color to any corner.

Sollinea® Nomad Fresh Pink Care Tips

Sollinea® is an eye-catching blooming indoor and outdoor plant (5-25 °C). With her unique flower shape, she is a stand-out in any garden or inside your home. She doesn’t need a lot of care, just sunlight and water.

  • First thing to do: Remove the packaging when you are at home. Especially in moist and warm conditions.
  • Keep the soil moist, but don’t leave water in the pots. It is best to choose a decorative pot with a drainage hole and a saucer.
  • Watering the plants depends on the environment, but a good indication is to water twice a week.
  • As its name suggests, Sollinea® likes the sun!
  • Sollinea® can be placed indoors, in your garden, on the patio, or in pots on your balcony.
  • Sollinea® does not like the cold, please make sure to place the plants indoors when it is colder than 5°C. They thrive when the temperature is between 15-25°C.
  • Remove old flowers with clean and sharp pruners.

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