Stability in My Assortment, That's What Counts

It's also just business to Gert Van Genderen from G&G Flowers

By: THURSD. | 11-11-2020 | 2 min read

Gert Van Genderen from grower G&G Flowers is convinced that growing Pina Colada chrysanthemums is good for the stability of his business. He grows the white and yellow variety of this spray chrysanthemum. Quote Gert van Genderen G&G Flowers Pina Colada

A talk with 'a different kind of grower'

Gert is not your typical flower grower. Although he is growing beautiful flowers, he is mainly focused on running a successful business. The Pina Colada chrysanthemums are an important part of this.

G&G Flowers Greenhouse
G&G Flowers greenhouse

Markets Differ Everywhere

Gert Van Genderen:

"You have to understand that what the market in Russia demands, is different than the market somewhere else. Where at the one market it is all about the biggest and the heaviest, other markets are more price oriented. So there is demand for different kinds of flowers everywhere."

Pina Colada Chrysanthemums in Poland

The Pina Colada chrysanthemums are really doing good in Poland for example. A growing market. And a more price-oriented market with good, and increasing demand for the Pina Colada.

Picture credit: Anna Lamot-Bach

Face to Face With My Customers

The business of G&G Flowers is mostly direct, as they do not auction so much. The selling of the product is what Gert Van Genderen does himself. In his travels to Eastern Europe for example. Monday morning he is at the airport and in the afternoon he talks directly face-to-face to his customer in Russia.

"I like to invite people to my greenhouse, and show them how we run it. I think it is important to learn what my customers think about what and how we do it. What we produce. Therefore, I also travel a lot to see my customers in other countries. I learn a lot there too, and, also important, I do business at the same time, as I learn better to understand the wishes and needs of my customers."

Growing the Pina Colada Chrysanthemum for Two Years Now

Gert has been growing the Pina Colada chrysanthemums for about two years now and he shares with us that he is very happy that he chose these flowers:

"It's not just business the growing of flowers, it's a way of living. But it is not a hobby. Although the flowers are of the highest quality, my customers are of course interested in the beauty of the flowers. For me as a grower, the production, quality and volume is also very important. Because of the 10 week intervals by growing chrysanthemums we have to make constant choices about what to plant, and how much. Pina Colada is a steady and stable choice for me. I know what to expect."
The Van Genderen family. Picture credit: Rivierenland Business



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